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just realized i never introduced myself after several months

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hi. i'm Ruby. (She/Her)

i've been extremely active on the forums since april 2nd, but i got niche around 3 years ago, and got nimbatus during its early access. didn't actually know it was made by Stray Fawn when getting it.

anyway, i do art and keep trying to do writing (mostly fanfiction), but failing after i lose motivation from simply not being able to think of words.

current fandoms are Portal 2, ENA, and of course i'll always be a furry, although Portal 2 is currently the most dominant of these fandoms.

anyway here's some art i did a while ago that i never finished-

(the reason why the character is off-center is because it was gonna be a character ref, and the empty space was gonna be where info/other drawings were gonna go)

cat 1.png

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