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Possible Taduk art dump??/! (Not clickbait)


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(3 A.M. Challenge!! Gone wrong??/1?!!?/!1/!?)

I thought u guys would like the dtawings :D

I will probably spam this with art at first then calm down once I've gone through all my older art & am posting only when i finish a new piece

I also may chat/ramble a bit if there's anything I want to talk about

I could also, knowing me, abandon this thread randomly for no rhyme or reason & come back like a million years later also for no reason. But we'll see!!!



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I drew one of my Warriors OCs, Forgottenembers! He's a ThunderClan Warrior :DForgottenembers.thumb.png.cdb0e0b604a88b6b9742c7a9e56fd2bd.png

Then I drew him again but in a sliiiiightly different art style :]



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