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Drawing Your Warriors OCs


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idk im bored and wanna draw some cats, ive been very absored in my warriors story lately and i like seeing other peoples ocs so i wanted to try this

only catch is they have to be warriors ocs of some kind 👍

just give me a gender, ref and personality-i'll decide what kind of piece it will be (headshot, fullbody etc)

anyway some art i made recently for examples ig



dw strikestone ref.png

exp 2.png


tp robin text.png .png

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Umm, I have this dude. I was once doing a wc world with someone and he was one of my characters. 


He is the leader of a “clan”, aka not a real clan but a group of cats that work together. (That’s why he doesn’t follow the clan naming conventions) He is pretty silly and likes another dude from the clan. I don’t have a complete ref but my friend did a sketch of him once.



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