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Physical Connection Sensor

Marker Mage


I think something that might be of use is a sensor that just checks to see if a specified type of part is physically connected to it.

Minimum Requirements: Part gives output when it is part of a chain of drone parts that goes back to core. It ceases to give output if it gets detached due to decoupling, factory part releasing, or a part in that chain being destroyed. If stuff connected to this part can receive fuel/energy from a battery/fuel tank attached to the core, then this part is giving its signal.

How would this be useful? A common thing to put on a factory part is a logic splitter so that when multiples of the same thing are made, the various inputs/outputs they give do not get jumbled up. This and the all-or-nothing nature of logic splitters and logic connectors keeps the factory creation from being able to realize when it has been separated from the rest of the drone. There are workarounds to be sure, but each has some drawback. Using a distance sensor set to drone parts does not work until the section has gotten far enough away from the rest of the drone, which may become difficult it it was made on top of the drone. Just having the part behave the same when attached and unattached can have the part in question trying to drag the rest of the drone in directions that you don't intend for it to go, forcing you to either release it early or fight a fully autonomous section.

Possible Improvements

  1.  Let it be set to detect either the core or the closest decoupler/factory part between it and the core. This would allow the above use to be more useful for sections that separate from another section that separates from the drone core.
  2. Let the player set it to detect a connection to whatever part they want it to detect with whatever specificity. This would allow it to be used to tell when a part has been destroyed.
  3. Let it be able to detect not just parts along the path between it and the core, but any parts that are physically connected enough to share fuel/energy. This goes well with the above's possible use in automatically detecting destruction of connected parts.
  4. Let the player specify how many it has to detect to give its signal, or maybe have separate signals for if it detects less or more than the number it is set to detect. Another expansion to its possible use in realizing that a part or parts have been destroyed.
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My preference would be to not propogate signals without either a connection or a wireless transmitter at all.  Then a simple carrier signal (such as 'CoreActive' which I use on a number of drones) can be your defining signal that tells you if you're connected.

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