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Crash: Selecting Weapon Workshop

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Started the game to immediately set off trying to start gathering material for a weapon type I wanted to try out, but wanted to see what numbers of each resource I needed.

  1. Opened the game
  2. Loaded save
  3. Chose the planet I was already at
  4. Selected my drone (bottom left one)
  5. Chose Edit 

When I went to click on the Weapon Workshop everything stopped responding (unsure if it crashed when I clicked the button or before I got to click it). and eventually crashed. I.... am admitted a bit impatient and often just click repeatedly until it crashes or it applies all my clicks (much to my dismay most times)
I've done these series of actions before but not had this issue. 

I can't find a .log file in my Windows location: C:\Users\[Username]\AppData\LocalLow\Nimbatus\Nimbatus
And my Crashes folder is empty. I see an output_log.txt file though(included). I hope that helps. Immediately put together this post before starting the game back up again. 


Also would it be best to put the Game's version as a Tag or in the title? or both?



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