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  1. A block that could transfer energy, resources and fuel. There are many ways this could be done, my idea is to have two blocks. One block can receive (within a range) and the other one can send once the input has been pressed (within a range).
  2. For the drone I used just hit 1 than wasd and qe and shift. The other side is 2 than tfgh and both mouse clicks.
  3. So the little fungi are fine but the big ones do this. My guess is that it's because the drone core is far away but idk. Anyway here are the files. Drone: mins.nimbatusdrone Save game: Slot3.nimbatusSaveGame. MetaSlot3.nimbatusSaveGame
  4. 1) If going faster than 10m/s output _, if going 10-5m/s do nothing, if going less than 5m/s output _. 2) Directional sensing.
  5. Hi. I love the demo can't wait till full game, also ty for this amazing game.
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