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  1. Maybe if the female has higher attack than him he'd run?
  2. I literally steamrolled the deadly hills, to be fair I did modify my nichelings
  3. Floodplains will have a flood every 20-30 days, usually in the dry season, there will be plenty of rivers and ponds. Meanwhile in the wet season, the land will sink underwater in places, providing the challenge of loosing space every so often. The ground will be lush green like the jungles. Already existing plants and animals in this biome: -Berries and Poison berries will be everywhere -Reeds are common -Rabbils and stagmoles appear -All types of existing fish -Water-breathing plants in the wet season? -Bearyenas -Insects -Healing plants -Mangroves My new plants and animals: Flying catfish: -Requires 4 fishing -Commoner in the rainy seasons -Will occasionally jump into the air, sometimes beaching itself, it will eventually either die, be picked up by one of your nichelings or jump back in Lamprey-plant thing: -Hostile -Sits there in the darkness -Only visible in scent mode -If your nicheling(or anything) steps on it, it will grab onto your nicheling and cause your nicheling to attack everything for 3 days -If you attack something that is possesed by a plant(EVen a rabbil) creatures will swarm you. -Can be defeated by stepping beside it and attacking it -If attacked, it will drop 2 food -On killer islands, a giant version will appear in the middle of the island, causing smaller ones to spawn randomly on the island. You can attack it to prevent any from spawning at all for 100 days, if one of the smaller ones get defeated, they disappear completely on a killer island. Strangling Waterlily: -Traps fish in its roots, making it a useful supply of food -It also traps nichelings if they swim under it, the only way to get rid of it is to attack it. It will deal 1 damage each day. -Young nichelings can go on top of it. -Provides nectar, which can be collected by nichelings with +2 collecting Healing willow thing: -Glows -When you are under it, it can provide healing benefits/get rid of the sleeping sickness Crested Coot: -Spends a lot of time in water -Will attack if attacked -1 atk, 2 speed -Provides 3 food -Lives 10 days. Island names: Easy: Peaceful Lakes: -Two Lamprey Plants on the island -Rainy seasons don't destroy as much land -Up to 3 healing willows -Often mixed with some grassland Medium: Wandering reeds: -3-4 lamprey plants -Rainy seasons are worse -1-2 willows Hard: Forbidden Marshes: 5-6 lamprey plants -rainy seasons leave only a few large chunks of land -0-2 willows Killer: Deathly waters: -10 lamprey plants at a time -Rainy seasons leave small islands -Not as many berry bushes -The hivemind plant -0-1 willows If anyone has any name suggestions for the Healing Willow or Lamprey-plant thing, tell me!
  4. I hope this gets added, it'd mean a lot to me if a suggestion I made got into the game.
  5. Seeing that I made a challenge that could use something like this, I hope more people see this...
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