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  1. also its pride month! the roblox discord is always scary when it comes to pride month but lets not talk about that
  2. okay so the reason im probably not active on forums is because i havent played niche in a while but i want to get back into it. i want to play but i also want to remember my nichelings and have a storyline to it, is there any way that i could do that?
  3. also guess whos not going back to school :')
  4. i only do pokecord and catch cute pokemon
  5. ive been trying to tell my dad that!!!! hes been working at home for years now and is pretty germaphobic... everytime he goes to the supermarket to buy food he leaves the food outside to "dry" for an hour maybe and then also takes a shower every time he leaves the house... i miss going on walks
  6. please ignore my pfp i used this for a vocab thingy a while ago and found it in my files. seemed like the right time to use the photo

  7. omg i need to get out of the house so basically my dad said to us that we can't go outside because of the virus. its been a month since ive gone outside. istg i just want to go back to school i cant stay at home anymore
  8. hes talking rn on the news everyday its either mayor deblasio, governor cuomo, or trump
  9. omg its been a long time since ive seen this thread Tuengy89d9jg s-irit okay lets try again The guiding spirit what
  10. i see what you mean... lets not talk abt it then
  11. i want ur opinions: do u see any "racism" in trump using the term "china virus"? i can see an argument for both sides
  12. well... snow days are a little different snow days are often maybe one or even two days off from school, but as soon as those days are over, you go back to school as if nothing happened "corona days" are much longer ;-; many people have to do online classes, and actually do work for weeks. snow days are just fun days off also none of my teachers of contacted me at ALL and its been a whole weekend and two days off like i need stuff to do
  13. i hate rita skeeter i havent even read the books in forever but shes one name i will remember
  14. toilet paper is supposed to make people feel calm... its white and fluffy and stuff you use to wipe ur butt also all NYC public school are closed till APRIL 20!! thats insane the public school system in nyc is the BIGGEST in the usa and mayor deblasio said schools would be closed for a minimum till april 20 and a maximum till the END OF THE SCHOOL YEAR! im not affected by this, i only have two weeks off, but i do feel the end of the school year is a bit extreme, if it does happen. nyc is a very densely populated place, but closing the schools till the end of the school year can affect so many students. also im supposed to have a six flags trip in may and i dont want it to be canceled fingers crossed the virus calms down by then
  15. EEEE its confirmed :0 but this leads to LOTS of problems im on my grade's student gov, and we are in charge of battle of the classes. its really stressful right now cause this has just never happened before also the schools are going to most likely have to rearrange the schedule, maybe take away spring break or something so yea
  16. OMG APPARENTLY THE WHOLE COUNTY IS CLOSING SCHOOL FOR TWO WEEKS thank god im not in the city mayor deblasio isnt that great hes keeping schools open even though the teachers union and parents are telling him to close school ;-; i know many people are protesting that and not showing up to school next week, since absences wont be counted
  17. omg omg omg so i found out today my grandparents neighbor got coronavirus he has been hospitalized for a while now, but they are just telling us it now. he went to the philippines and came back my grandparents are okay, just a little shaken. but its just so scary how the virus is spreading kind of fast i was went to their place last week but im not showing any symptoms so lets keep it this way stay safe everyone😷
  18. AhahahahahaHqhahHahah THEY FINNALY CLOSED SCHOOL for one day to clean our school was the last in our area to close... but most schools got at least 2 days :')
  19. well i guess it does depend where in new york. u shd research a little and see if ur area has any cases. even if it doesnt, make sure to be careful and do everything that you would do to prevent the flu
  20. OMG RANT TIME i HATE my science teacher!!!! so basically this isnt gonna make any sense but ima rant so basically i had a test, and he gives out two different versions. there was this question that was on a previous test, since hes doesnt make his own tests and uses test questions from a website. on the previous test, he said that E was techinically the right answer but we all chose A since the answer key said A, so he gave everyone credit. this test, it was half and half, A and E. If you had version A, A was the correct answer on the answer key, and if you had B, E was the right answer. He gave people on version A credit if they put E, but DIDNT GIVE PEOPLE CREDIT FOR A ON VERSION B like seriously does anyone see how unfair that is? if u have version a u get credit for the wrong answer, but you dont if you have version b??? we like to argue for why our anseer is correct and i explained some stuff and he still was like Oh WhY dIdNt YoU pIcK E i swear ive hated him the whole school year and everyone else does too and the years before him he is CRAZYYYYY he doesnt teach AT ALL ANYTHING that is required in the cirriculum, makes us read the textbook by oursleves at home. instead he talks about all the other stuff that we DONT NEED!
  21. school in my area are taking one or two days off to clean the school, but tht hasnt happened yet for us also some schools r closed cause they hv cases but as of now i still hv to do work 😢
  22. this whole entire thread
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