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  1. okay this whole topic is so confusing like if you agree
  2. huh idrk if its accurate or not maybe cause my answers were wack
  3. lmaoo i still listen to blixemi songs
  4. oof lmao i kinda got lazy to draw anything
  5. omg i just watched season 1 and im in love with the art and the storyline and EVERYTHING ABOUT IT
  6. nice poem! also that's a lot of holes I THINK THEY ARE SO CUTE :3
  7. lol i has a leafeon stuffed animal. way too cute. i named it carrot
  8. i question your ` ` ` ` instead of " "
  9. uh-- i dont think i ever actually commented a number on this post!
  10. lmao there are two counting challenges i get confused which one is which
  11. shoplift obviously buy whatever i want (not buying technically tho)
  12. the past few topics on the off topic section were a little... not good
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