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  1. ME I WAS TRYING TO LOAD i asked on twitter what was going on it told me the page wasnt responding...
  2. have babies when i grow up i will visit...
  3. book will have a sequel (gasps) you wrote FaVoUrItE when i grow up i will speak fluent...
  4. ... slugs? also how do i give 10000 sad face emojis as a reaction?
  5. a blue wheelbarrow when i grow up ill be living in a ...
  6. Squirrelflight's Hope When I grow up I will have...
  7. 189 robux in my bank account
  8. i like dogs When i grow up ill be...
  9. i still feel bad about the snail i stepped on. i also stepped on corn in the cafeteria today and IT WAS DISGUSTING at least i didnt kill anyone
  10. ima casually bump this onto front page
  11. oh btw it took about 45 minutes to download it so yeah
  12. lmao pebbleheart was taken so i tried pebbleheartthemedcat but that didnt fit so i went with pebbleheart24
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