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  1. how about houston or albert if female then suzie
  2. i have to travel so far just to see deer we have raccoons though
  3. I NEEDED THIS TOPIC TO RANTTTTT usually i do this on a finsta but this would be so much easier.
  4. check above for step by step instructions steam is not the website, but the actual app on your pc
  5. wait how long is this going to be going on cause philo moto moto is kinda getting creepy
  6. its pebbleheart
  7. frick i thought the red thing was a mouth CANT UNSEE IT NOW
  8. look out! i think philo likes you
  9. now frozen wanderers can't move, right? cause i thought that was a little awkward in earlier versions
  10. pebbleheart

    Food Pile

    this i think should be in the feature requests section... unless this is specific for only sandbox mode options? if not then just ask a moderator to move it!
  11. see this is why i dont comment on this topic shoot
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