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  1. its chinese new year saturday and im not ready
  2. okay but i dont get why people are liking my comments when they have no relation to them and is just me ranting
  3. okay so i have midterms this week and my dad is all cranky about it hes like GO STUDY I WANT YOU TO DO GOOD cause a failed a science quiz a few weeks ago (yikes) anyways im studying my butt off for science, but theres also math ;-; like my average is a B+ and I know im going to make some stupid mistakes and yea idk i wanted to post something here if ur wondering im taking living environment and algebra ii
  4. oh god homethreads was last decade omg omg omg
  5. okay so i plan on being more active since i have some room in my schedule for stray fawn everyone has like a homethread or something, so this is mine, where i will vent cause sometimes my friends wont get whatever im saying cause like different opinions and stuff okay bye
  6. idk what to say but i saw this topic and i was like oh cool u probably dont remember me
  7. probably because i havent posted since school started
  8. UPDATE okay so ive decided to drop the course its way too much work for me this year and ive lost interest. i have a friend whos not so lucky because her parents wont let her drop out 😕
  9. I am usually able to get into the home screen, and then I have to lower the resolution and screen size to load a save file. I don't know if this is the same problem but it works!
  10. UPDATE so yeah i chose a different topic f r a c t a l s! theryre pretty cool yeah
  11. 1507 times i tripped over my own feet this school year
  12. can you verify using an email?
  13. oOh roblox i played brick bronze but never got into loomian legacy although my brother plays it
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