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  1. So this is a fairly simple challenge. Could be built upon. but in my naming file I have put in the custom names: Hunter, Defender, Gatherer, Healer, Grave Digger, Scout and Leader. The rules are simple, if a nicheling is born with one of the names they must fit to that role. Hunter: - Can only hunt + eat meat. - Claw if available must be in a mutation menu slot Defender: - Stands guard around nicheling area and must defend the pack from any threat. -This gets hard when name is given to a low strength nicheling - big body or armoured body if available must be in a mutation menu slot Gatherer: -Can only gather nuts and berries. Insects. - nimble fingers if available must be in a mutation menu slot Healer: - Heals other nichelings - Purr snout if available must be in a mutation menu slot - Seek out healing fruits Grave Digger: - Must dig up roots to bury fallen comrades. -Diggers Paw if available must be in a mutation menu slot Scout: -clears grass - Wing if available in mutation menu slot Leader: - Set to alpha status -Can do what he wants but must have an heir in case no "leader" is born in next Generation. Was also thinking about putting in an "Omega" or "Oracle" name in the mix. but let me know your thoughts. Puts a bit of randomness into the mix. One could also still have custom names but have the title act as a last name if they still wanted to differentiate New Title Suggestions: Fisher (LilyTuft) - Can only fish - Fishing tail if available in mutation menu slot. Sloth (Aetherskye) Can't do anything (for extra challenge basically) No-paw in one slot. (If he/she doesn't already have one)
  2. Just thought id start a thread for everyone to share some custom gem colours that they have come up with in the game that look good. I know without a doubt im going to have the badass colour (#bada55) in there as well as a purple, but keen to see what everyone has come up with
  3. How can we get to the customisable names/ gem colours if we are using the Mac OS? Struggling to find the folder haha, So desperate to play hahaha
  4. How can we get to the customisable names/ gem colours if we are using the Mac OS? Struggling to find the folder haha
  5. And think of it this way, the money you put in goes to making the game even bigger and better than it is now
  6. Sorry this might be super late but... I don't know if anyone has said it. But if you make a nicheling pregnant. it gives birth to this big bodied winged albino animal. and the mother can't be moved etc. the game then bugs out shortly after. Also it freezes on the day/night change over heaps.
  7. What about a challenge mode where the mutation menu is randomly set. and you could pick whether you just want aesthetic mutation menu randomisations or actual physical traits (paws, snouts etc). would make for interesting gameplay as you never know what you are going to get. A simpler version thats a bit out there is randomised children, where any combination would be born (excluding immunity genes).
  8. Maybe it can be like the coconuts so you can gather from there but if you pass a day next to the tree you might get sprayed with poisonous spores that poison / paralyse you
  9. I don't know if this has been suggested but i wonder if there was a way to harvest a food source from the swamp trees if you don't have wings. Like how potatoes or other plants have poisonous leaves and plants but the roots themselves are edible it would be cool if there was a type of paw (or even the digging paw) that would allow them to dig up and eat the roots of the swamp trees.
  10. imagine like a savanna with grasslands and an oasis of sorts in the centre so you need to unlock it to gain access to better food sources, or like an island where you need to breed the underwater genes to gain access to a plentiful water biome! so many different scenarios 🤩
  11. I get what you mean like if you start with a killer island right off the bat (Which is what I normally start with anyway to make things interesting hahaha) but just the amount of times i've sat at that sandbox screen going "I don't know what Island I want to pick can I just be surprised and have to adapt?"
  12. Sorry for all the late entry ideas hahaha. What about just a simple entry mode where it randomises everything, like even the type of island you land on so you can just set up a quick game without needing to overthink it hahaha.
  13. Hi Everyone! Ive been in and out on these forums since it started, so thought id get around to saying Hi hahaha. My name is Evie and Ive been playing Niche since early access (After watching one of jessiemews first videos, Avid watcher of her series since haha), logged about 300+ hours 😳. Im a UX and UI designer from Australia and Love playing games with a challenge. aka Niche challenge playthroughs 😉 Other hobbies are Singing, Freestyle Skiing, Drawing and hanging out with my doggo. Is anyone else super excited about the Spyro remake coming out ? Was my favourite game as a kid haha.
  14. What if there was a setting that let you limit how many male nichelings would be able to mate with a female and vice vera, Kinda like wolf packs where they mate for life and so forth. To make it easier it could be set to number of living nichelings so if they die early its not completely game over. but would be an interesting challenge and you make you pick your breeding pairs carefully hahaha.
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