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  1. Climbing Tail

  2. Possible Snake Idea (Predator)

    @Dr. Nearo I feel you could counter it with dig, but if you dug it up the snake would go on the offensive and try to bite the nearest nicheling, and then run to the nearest and currently abandoned mole hole, and duck in there and go under the ground again. Or it would be possible for them to have their own nests, if Niche would add that. And I think if a snake went by a mole the mole would either die or kill the snake.
  3. Possible Ideas (New Preds, Prey, & Such)

    @Phiarose I only added in the position of it picking berries to show how it would work. I, in no way, expect them to add in an animation.
  4. Possible Ideas (New Preds, Prey, & Such)

    @Pokestardragacraft Sure, I don't mind! Just credit me and you can do whatever @Philo And I can seperate them, so sure. Edit: I made two sperate posts for them.
  5. So far I have had two ideas, and put them on twitter, and niche told me to put them here. So, I will put many things here most likely.