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  1. Been trying to find the perfect Eve- And now she got a wing. She is now going to have many winged babies. I'm curious, anyone got like a statistical thing of how much of a chance this was?
  2. ChasingNyx

    Squid body!

    I just got an idea Okay so what if the direction counts on where your island starts. Like, we have the north, east, and west ports so we can determine it like that. In front of a nicheling is like where the port came from. Since I can't explain, here's an example of what I mean. Basically an example with my current port. I hope this helps you and makes sense!
  3. ChasingNyx

    Squid body!

    As DogCatCowPig said, what is 'behind'? You can't really determine that. Also, dunno if you know but the rectangluar pupils were removed from toxic body. Buuuuut, adorable drawing! Buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut, it basically looks like a waterbody rip off with rectangle eyes. Still cute tho.
  4. ChasingNyx

    Dumb things you do?

    The dumbest thing I have ever done is bring albinos to a jungle. i have never been so mad that my precious albino children died
  5. ChasingNyx

    One steam account, two pooters

    I'm pretty sure you will be able to, as Steam saves all the info in the games in your account. Buuut, don't take my word 'cause I'm not completely sure.
  6. ChasingNyx


    Bearlings... mmm. I feel we should brainstorm more names, but I like it.
  7. It's a Niche series by Seri Pixel Biologist. It is a blind genes and random generator challenge, where as Wander said you can have 2-20 nichelings determined by a random generator. You choose a leader each time the previous leader dies, but they don't hve to actually lead n' stuff. When you choose a new leader it determines the amount of nichelings you can have. When you assign mutations, one is decided by a random generator, or 'Niche gods' if you want to get roleplay-ie, wether it be numbers or a thing a fan of Seri made on Scratch. Here's that- https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/214535915/ That's about it!
  8. ChasingNyx

    Cracker Jaw - No Pattern

    See, she got tons of stripes, but not on her head. This is pretty common around this tribe and I'm preeetty sure that's a bug Here's the save file incase admins need it or smth- Slot2-UtopiaChallenge.nichesave
  9. ChasingNyx

    Moving Winged Nicheling

    @Philo This is indeed 1.1.4. Also, I deleted the save file. So rip all them nichelings. This happened before I knew how to back up save files >.< And Finn, nope he just landed there cuz I thought it was safe. Poison fangs in a jungle isnt really helpful
  10. ChasingNyx

    Should venom have a bigger impact on hunting?

    Like the idea, and I like the concept, but you put this in discussion and feeback. Was that intentional?
  11. ChasingNyx

    Hydrophobic Predators?

    Ooof Yes move it
  12. ChasingNyx

    Share your favourite twins!

    So the two on the right are twins And I just like them because they look nearly indentical to their younger brother on the left its like a freaking mirror
  13. ChasingNyx

    A Random Tribe Story

    I get what you mean If I hadn't of put this on the forums I would've forgotten her by now So isn't that fun.
  14. ChasingNyx

    A Random Tribe Story

    Well, I played the file a bit more and I have a mild ending in mind, and I know what happened after Rela left and went off in the grasses. But, if I do make a sequel it won't have pictures because I accidentally deleted the save file. Soo, yup. Oh yes, and now Rela is my Goddess of Envy & War. So fun.
  15. ChasingNyx

    Hydrophobic Predators?

    So, every predator I know of, they don't cross rivers. And they don't swim. Balance bears are the only sort of exception, as they wade into oceans to fish. But that's about it. So, are they all hydrophobic, or is it just a mercy from the devs? What do you think?