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  1. ChasingNyx

    Butterfly Body

    @Sheireen I found one xD
  2. ChasingNyx

    Night Genes (Dark forest Genes)

    Random thing: I want those bat ears. I am in love with those bat ears. Devs, can we PLEASE get them just because they are FRIKIN ADORABLE?!
  3. ChasingNyx

    Family tree

    They mentioned sims so this is what I believe they mean. This much clearer than niche, right?
  4. ChasingNyx

    One of your creatures died! .. Who? And by what?

    I feel it would count it as aging, because while its natural lifespan was shortened in the end it subcumed to the age. Or it could be counted as "Kuro died because of shortened lifespan" or smth.
  5. ChasingNyx

    Butterfly Body

    @Pokestardragacraft Thanks! I was too distracted by the beautiful pictures to read the edit.. I didn't even notice it
  6. ChasingNyx

    Butterfly Body

    Just saw all the new drawings, and it brings this question: Does body color and such determine wing color? And if so, how does it work??
  7. So, niche definetly needs notification updates. An example of this is, One of your creatures died. By what? And who? What happened? I feel this is a problem we all can have. So, here's a request I believe would be simple. Making it so we can actually know who died and possibly by what? I feel it'd be a simple but nice addition.
  8. ChasingNyx

    Tree Stumps

    Yes! I just want something to be done about that plain greenness. Something. Anything.
  9. Random thing: Oh my god its Bob the Crippled Horny Male REBORN!
  10. I decided to make this when I saw these beauties.. smack dab in a river when I loaded in. Never had starters with waterbody, or platypus beak. Seriously where did this come from?
  11. ChasingNyx

    Tree Stumps

    Okay, this is just a simple one. Can we just get rid of that damn green stuff? It bothers me so muchhhh! I get its like grass but Idk it just bothers meeeeeee cri
  12. ChasingNyx

    Is Derp Snout Overpowered?

    Personally, don't like derpsnout and will never use it unless in dire situations. Plus, with that decently big nose on it, how would it not smell?
  13. ChasingNyx

    Demo's New Calls

    Bruh I knew they were a hyena call from the moment I heard them, and I love them so much.
  14. ChasingNyx

    Using console commands with 1.1.4..?

    1.1.4 seems the same as any other console. Hell, you don't even have to do the capitalization. Works just fine without it.
  15. ChasingNyx

    Should I start over?

    I'm pretty sure if you restart with the same file you get a nicheling with home island. If not, I'm wrong, or it's a bug. So try to restart?