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  1. Definitely. Get a much recoil per gun as possible
  2. New Challenge! Limited Reserves Goal: Complete a destroy Hives mission Limits: Only one Battery and one Fuel allowed, take your pick of which ones No factories Must be more than 25 parts No energy efficient weapons (The upgrades)
  3. What do you think nimbatus should add next?
  4. Here's an example build for the most recent challenge: The Mobile Buzzsaw
  5. New Challenge! Drone Buster Goal: Defeat the flagship in the test arena Limits: Only the saw allowed as a weapon No Afterburners
  6. Here's an example build, the Doom Spinner
  7. New Challenge! Make a spinner that works on planets! The spinner must be able to move in all 4 cardinal directions, and be weaponized No limits to blocks
  8. Hey guys, just thought that I would start a thread where you would post challenges for everyone to try to complete. Please refrain from copying other peoples designs to complete challenges. The challenges can be as easy or difficult as you want, and the only requirement for completing a challenge is a screenshot or GIF of the drone working. So here is the first Challenge: Make a drone that can successfully go around the entire pvp race track without getting destroyed. The drone must only have one engine, and the engine must not be a VTOL. Here is my submission to this, the Tadpole:
  9. Just thought that I should show my newest project... Not named anything yet, just Flagship. The main drone can rotate between two main weapons, has an auto shield, and houses all of the logic. It is accompanied by two orbiting fighter drones, and a satellite. The drones have auto aiming and firing turrets, while the satellite has manual aiming and firing weapons
  10. The real problem with them is that the back swings out a lot. There isn't really a way to put the VTOL in the back either
  11. Here's my attempt at a 1 VTOL build!
  12. Vernaron


    not right now it doesn't
  13. I actually managed to figure out a racing spinner as well, although it's not very fast. It's called Fireball mK2 (The first one was absolutely horrible)
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