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  1. Here’s the page for the one of the prey entities that is one of wolfox’s preys: the baahger. look:
  2. Here the page of one of the prey entities that are affected by this gene is ready:
  3. Red moths are bug prey entities that are different from the insect swarm, because they roam around by moving 2 to 3 tiles in the island and spawn in small trees with a hollow in the stump with small red colored flower bed circulating around it, and avoid insectivorous entities as armagolin (armadillo + pangolin) and geckoleon (gecko + chameleon) and nichelings; they can be found in Mesa, swamp and jungle biomes; like rabbils, the red moths also don’t move on water tiles, despite of being shown by flying in the height of a adult nicheling in the current tile it is; they are small prey entities that has the shape of a moth with a red colored body and has a vibrant red color with light and darker tones of red markings on it’s wings (reassembling a mix of cecropia with rose maple and Luna moths wing’s markings); their stats are: 1 poisonous, 2 speed, 1 heat resistance and 1 poison resistance; To catch them is necessary having a gene with the bioluminescence ability in order to perform an surprise/ambush strategy since this ability (bioluminescence) allows to lure certain prey entities; as well is important to the creature also have 1 or more poison resistance genes, insect collecting and 2 of strength to catch them without problems; when killed, they will provide 4 points of food to your tribe. if there’s something that needs to be corrected/changed/improved, tell me so I can do what is necessary to improve it. 🙂 if you guys want, I also accept drawing concepts for my idea.
  4. Cool but the idea is giving an toxic body equivalent that instead of affecting the whole body, affects just the colors of the pattern and the horns, makes albinism and melanism visible but different and provides a new ability to catch food (i’ Already currently writing the suggestion idea of one of the entities that are affected by this gene’s ability: red moth) 🙂
  5. Cool, it can be perfect for my body gene idea here:
  6. Oh sorry, I didn’t know, any idea to correct it?
  7. Oh ok, but what needs to be changed to look better?
  8. Stego back: 2+ spikyness and 2+ defense; unlock conditions: found in the solid clay blocks (mesa biome only); this gene is based on stegosaurus. if something needs to be corrected or improved, tell me so I can do what must be done. 😉🙂
  9. Clawed wing: 6+ flying (if genes are identical), 1+ collecting, 1+ Fishing and 1+ strength; unlock conditions: when found in the solid clay blocks (mesa biome only); this ancient gene is based on archeopteryx. If something needs to be corrected or improved on my gene idea, tell me so I will do what must be done 🙂.
  10. Maybe a brownish orange or maroon fur will be perfect for the camouflage in my hot climate biome idea mesa:
  11. This one will be perfect for the my taiga biome idea:
  12. I do have a similar idea too, but has a new ability known as “paralyzing howl”
  13. Cool it would be perfect for the ancient genes of one of my biome ideas, the taiga one; check it out:
  14. Thanks, you also need to check out my taiga biome idea too. 🙂
  15. I know but the good news that depending on the island each of the predators and preys will appear in certain islands as well in the savannah biome islands sometimes; and I got the idea of adding ancient genes here because of the need of having reptile like and dinosaur nichelings, because have you seen those archeology documentaries about dinosaurs? Why not ancient genes in hot climate biomes but only the mesa one has this feature?
  16. I got some ideas for which genes will be available on this biome: NORMAL GENES: - woolly body (my version) - squirrel tail - strong paws - beaver teeth (there will be stuff where the creature can perform gnawing more in this biome depending on the island) ANCIENT GENES: - mammoth’s fur - hooved hind legs - snow body (original gene only found in the game’s cheat codes for a awhile, now can be available on this biome) *more coming soon but you can suggest to help me* HYBRID GENES: *also coming soon but you can also give me ideas to help me* if something needs to be corrected/improved tell me. 🙂
  17. Maybe new special body genes ideas would allow this kind of feature, since there’s a body gene that makes your nichelings have other colors like the toxic/poisonous body and i even has a idea for another gene which allows to nichelings have not only other colors as well have a glow in the dark ability but it only affects the pattern and the horns take a look:
  18. Also i got an idea for certain prey entities specially the ones who are bugs that are affected by this gene’s ability: red moths and toxiflies
  19. I already said that sandstorms are events in the description and they will not only temporary decrease the amount of turns as well they will make the spicy berries become so hot with the heat and dryness of the air that will cause to nichelings 50% the risk of being burn when harvesting them from the bushes while this event is happening; so to make them don’t lose turns and become imune to the spicy berries negative effects from both normal and sandstorm events is needed to have at least one or more heat resistance genes.
  20. i got the idea of the unlock conditions for this gene be “travel to “first winter island”” is because of based on animals that builds their “homes”/burrows to not only protect from predators and nest their young as well for a shelter for food stocking for the winter or periods where the food resources are smaller; also as you see the gnawing ability also allow to the nichelings gather food or nest materials on tree stumps and certain bushes depending on the tree, because there’s trees, stumps, thick logs and specific dead bushes that will only provide you only food, while others can provide you only nest materials and some can provide you both food and nest materials but those are rare and this 3 kinds can be found in some islands depending on the biome and the difficulty. also for your gene since i also gave you the suggestion of it’s improvement for the addition of my ability idea “gnawing”, based on the concept in the description and following the criteria of genes based on the game’s wiki, would be the same except that instead of attack is +1 gnawing and 1+ strength. What do you think? 🙂
  21. cool i also do have new entities ideas, do you mind if drawing them? i need help with concepts here's my current ideas that are here in the foruns: - wolfox: baahger:
  22. awesome! I do have rodent/lagomorph genes ideas take a look: Which means with this kind of feature nichelings can perform a new ability: “gnawing”! also I think you should add the gnawing ability on your gene too, and the unlock conditions would be travel to “first winter” island
  23. Would be perfect! I have a idea for a tundra biome look: And check out the mesa one:
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