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  1. u gotta carefully take out the teddy bear jar after it finishes pickling in your spiderweb filled cabinet
  2. still font know what this one is supposed to be
  3. i cant theyre both on twitch dot tv
  4. i read it and i dont even understand what this one means
  5. i finally found funny wikihow images without googling Funny wikihow images
  6. me too i just rewatch it again like once a year to catch up because thats how often episodes come out
  8. btw twitch dot tv slash camila2929 (thats the person who made glitchtale) we are watching all of season 2
  9. ok this isnt deltarune but like its an undertale au kinda so very remotely deltarune? anyway GLITCHTALE FINALE TOMORROW is anyone else a glitchtale liker
  10. for ms paint its not bad actually ! thank u gamer 🤠🤠
  11. i h a v e n t p l a y e d n i c h e i n s e v e r a l m o n t h s a n d i d o n o t i n t e n d t o i n t h e f o r e s e e a b l e f u t u r e
  12. i saw this notification and i read it as The gay Modiano...
  13. thats what mst wants you to think
  14. wyoming is in mst and wyoming isnt real so mst is a liar or something idk
  15. yes because psssh ill find more and jokes on you i dont go on those islands so i dont know i cant answer
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