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  1. "Benson bluntly stated, even though he sounded like a kid trying to not sound hurt after commiting big ouchy on slide."
  2. 2 things, it's java, and I'll need your username.
  3. Zixvir

    obscure games

    wait it's out? I just found it on steam randomly.
  4. well uhhh, you made yourself, standing the same. I guess you could try alch- wait, I don't want you to become too powerful.
  5. "so lets go back to our favorite friend fma!" note: it's not a perfect imitation
  6. Zixvir


    now they don't count as kittens BUT THEY FLOOF.
  7. Zixvir


    I once also had kittens! 2 moved to my other house, one was given away, and we keep the first one where I am now.
  8. Zixvir

    obscure games

    this game exists: https://ncase.itch.io/anxiety (warning, there is swearing.)
  9. ohhh, well uhhh, Idk, maybe have some non-foxes, like prey, and maybe occasionally foxes.
  10. I don't care. I'm sand. I don't think there's anyhumans, and there ARE nichelings, butI don't think they'll be affected.
  11. aahsiofhsaoihfoiwhfoi whyyyy.. I'm curios why the mukbang was made
  12. when I searched mine I just found steam stuff and mainly forumsstuff. I also found: melonsrp, instagram(I don't have an account which is odd) and some websites I forgot the name of, and don't think I've EVER been to any of them.
  13. I managed not to watch the second one. whhhhyyyyy. WHYY. meh.
  14. hmmmm... so background characters... hmmm... okay, so background characters should have powers too,but only important ones. If there's a gun, it has to have a use, not fired, but a use. so don't make any important characters forgetable, or make non-importantt characters TOO knowable, though that's not actually a problem and can be used as storybuilding. Most flaws can. hmmmm.... I think you should have a running gag. hmmm... many kinds to do. 1. shipping 2. a character being called something/having a name mispronounced 3. an idiot, I hope self expla
  15. okay, I would like to apply for the job. I don't think I need any qualifications, but I'm willing to spend time on it.
  16. I would join but 10 hours is alot, unless it's in game hours. Is it in game hours?
  17. I guess you would make the minecraft chat box (or just have it be modded) and have the dancing ramen in the background, and just animate everything, I don't know how you would do sand, but I bet you could do that and it would be funny to see the reactions in chat.
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