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  1. Is this possible? I used to play on a PC, but switched to Mac. First, will my gem colors carry over? Second, if not, how could I make custom gem colors appear? Help would be appreciated.
  2. So, the requirement is 3, but my niches added together is 6. Is this a bug?
  3. I can't change the size of the window, which means that the island button and the heart button are both hidden. Note: I'm on a Mac, not sure which version.
  4. I'll burn the heart out of you.
  5. Strike


    Safari isn't actually working. At all…Yay for Chrome?
  6. I really like mice, and want one as a pet. Also snakes. Snakes are cool
  7. Wow, this is wonderful. I love how you're telling a story with Bluejay as the protagonist, and you're showing her thoughts and discoveries.
  8. I had a dream, where I figured out it was a dream and was lucid dreaming, but then it turned out that I was dreaming that I was lucid dreaming. I don't remember anything else that happened, except I think it was at school. I also used to dream about redoing the last day of school, as in making different choices. My best friend was leaving, and in the dream I made a different choice from in real life. I woke up right after I made the choice.
  9. Strike


    Selling them is very useful, agreed. Or put them at the Giving Tree.
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