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  1. Name: Cattail Reference: Traits: Speedy cat with long legs and a short pelt Age: Six months old
  2. Backstory You're born on a cursed night A giant yellow-ish moon is in the sky, Its golden outside looks at you. You cant see it but you can feel it. A screech comes from the forest. You can feel your mother tighten her pelt around you -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Name: Reference: Traits: (Optional)Description/Backstory: Age:
  3. Tryna get the head done but it wont be done today, im thinking about photoshopping a picture to the head or just leaving it as a ghost head
  4. Name: Flace Mixed breed: Border collie + an unknown mixed breed Gender/Pronouns: Female / She - Dog Appearance: A gray dog with an orange right side of the face with blue eyes and a fluffy coat and tall ears. Other Info: Juvenile, kind of an introvert, fluffy tail and an exciting attitude when at home. Shy and cautious, tends to stutter sometimes.
  5. Rate it. >:3😼 (dont ask what its riding i dont even know what it is )
  6. give me creatures to drawww eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  7. Hey, it's been like, weeks...I really want Ink done but... It looks like you should buy a new stylus, because this is my first art of Ink, and I may consider just not... Wanting it anymore since it's been so long. I really hope you haven't forgotten about Ink this is very disappointing to me since this is my first time of a Nicheling drawn for me, or anything for the price of Free. I really hope you see this message and at LEAST Send me a progress update
  8. yesiknowispelledallowedwrongijustlookeditupandthenspelleditwrongtheressomethingswrongaaa :3
  9. Anyone else a furry here? I need to know NO HATERS ALLOWED HERE I CAN LIKE WHAT I WANT WHAT DID A FURRY EVER DO TO YOU?? :3
  10. please respond i need more made up creatures to draw
  11. help i feel sad and now im sad that my scaries look mean here's a reference... and yes i was eating chocolate cheerio things :3
  12. I've watched Jaiden Animations, it's really nothing like that. But one day I decided not to take medicine. The red rash was all around my body, and I could feel itchiness on my behind it really only itched near my shoulders and thighs. It ended up going onto my mask. That day I was completely fine, active, and I could feel really no itching. And, as a visual there are weird orange-ish bumps, and my skin is a bit bumpy but a bit red and skin colored at the same time. The bumps are all different sizes, but they are all circles. I went to my friend's house that day. I started getting itchy, and...As we were playing, I was grabbing and not letting go of a stick my friend's neighbor was chasing us with. But... When we went to go do a little roleplay... It felt like I couldn't breathe. I've felt like this before, but it wasnt because of the rash...Or was it? I did start crying but my mask covered my face...When I got home the rash was where my face mask was... I felt completely fine except for, my shoulders, and thighs! I had to go back home as I saw my mom coming back in the car. Thats when she noticed, my face was red where my mask was... But that wasn't all, I started to feel...Less itchy? But it still really itched in a way. Almost my entire body was red... I may have hives but... it's never real pain. I do get stressed sometimes, and very easily cry, but one time I felt like crying for absolutely nothing. My life is nice but I do feel stress, kind of a lot. My dad I think signed me up for a doctor's appointment later. I'll maybe draw a visual of what the rash and bumps look like. Sincerely, ME 🥵
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