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  1. Not from my experience just pull as hard as you can and it won’t stop it will get extremely hard
  2. Enderwow


    Like the resource collector but for scrap and rays and other junk you want to bring with you
  3. Basically a factory but only has one set of things and they work even when not deployed unless mechanical or thrusters without some sort of buff and would be good for retrieval missions since you could make a arm pop out and grab it then disappear
  4. I always wanted to see a meme about nimbatus but never saw one lets change that
  5. Basically the jump thruster of guns
  6. How about nice triangles and round corners and hollow circles and tiny blocks to fill in those glitchy gaps
  7. Just use hollow blocks
  8. Would be cool later in development when everyone has decent computers
  9. I like how it is sorry it’s inconvenient but what if they made it optional
  10. I wanted to play co-op but it was too hard so please
  11. Btw it is in fact mine due to the power of ctrl c look it up on the workshop if you want to get a new computer
  12. This is op it has autonomous minions that exist solely because they can and to kill everything deemed unimportant
  13. Try making a disposable mini drone with a tether
  14. Screenshot of op super laggy have a good time getting a new computer
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