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  1. Anyway I just discovered what Dyson Spheres were and ohmygod my mind is blown, if you don't know what Dyson Spheres are this video can tell you all about them (this is the one I watched and discovered them with too): Please tell me I'm not the only one with a strange passion for Dyson Spheres and cool science thingamabobs because WOO SCIENCE and also scientific breakthroughs and the fact that Dyson Spheres could produce so much energy if the human race ever succeeds in making one (probably not in my lifetime but whatevs they're still cool)
  2. @inmiu Hi, I was just wondering if it's normal that I couldn't see my tag as a niche mobile tester? Sorry if this is a stupid question, but I can't seem to find the pinned post either (is it in announcements?). I'm assuming that you can probably see a niche mobile tester tag on me and that I can't for whatever reason, and that I'm probably looking in the wrong place for the pinned post, but I just wanted to ask if you could tell me where the pinned post is? Thanks!
  3. Yea, I'm really glad that these didn't end up too OP, so I think I've pretty much figured out these stats. Anyway, please tell me if you have any more suggestions
  4. Ok, I think I've finally figured out the wings and their stats haha.
  5. I was thinking about increasing the distasteful scent, but I saw that the stinky tail only had 1 distasteful scent (I'm pretty sure) so I thought it would be weird to have more than something name 'Stinky tail'. I'll check the wiki again to make sure tho
  6. Ok, thanks! (And yes, just to confirm, only two nichelings in total can fit on the tree at a time, with only one of them being completely safe. I really like the idea of them being on the tree and detering apes, who would go for the ground nichelings first (unless there aren't any ground nichelings, of course) Edit: Ok, yep, the stinky tail only has +1 distasteful scent
  7. Hi, I know this is a bit late, but I was wondering if I could sign up to be a tester? (My phone is iOS 14.4, idk if that changes much but I thought you should know just in case)
  8. Hmm... do you think I should change the ladybug wings to be 4 or 5 flight? Maybe less but I feel like that would defeat the purpose and people would just go for the regular bug wings instead? Not sure yet, I'll change it to 5 for now but please tell me if you have any more suggestions with the ladybug wings. Thanks!
  9. Thanks! I was a bit worried that it'd be a bit too OP (if your nichelings had wings) because the apes wouldn't be able to get to the top of the tree, but I'm glad to know it isn't that OP.
  10. I actually didn't know this either! Thanks for telling me. Now I can accurately change the wing stats (which I'll do right now). Please do tell me if the stats are still a bit OP, tho.
  11. So this idea of a tall tree is made mostly for the deep jungle island (0-2 tall trees per island), and maybe the jungle island (0-1 tall trees per island). The idea is for the tree to be 2 stories tall, with one small branch with a 'poof' of leaves at the end of it branching off of the main tree. The poof acts as a tile, and occasionally spawns with a natural nest. To get to the highest point in the tree (the top part) from the ground right next to it, you'll have to have some sort of wings (feathered wings, bat wings...). If you have any of those, you'll have to use 2 moves; one to get t
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