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  1. You could mitigate the issues with tags vs keys by showing the current CoT in the "testing" zone. That way you could iterate on a more complex design and see how close you are to what you'd like to achieve.
  2. The "Not" gate doesn't activate its output when the input is a tag that isn't activated. It works fine with a key bind though.
  3. It would be wonderful if the drone editor remembered the toggle state of the "Center of Mass" and "Tag Bindings" between launches of the game.
  4. I think you meant to post this on the Niche feature forum not the Nimbatus feature forum.
  5. A place we could see all the hotkeys would be most helpful in better understanding some of options are already have
  6. I understand. I wanted to make sure the issue was at least brought up. I actually overall enjoy having the limited radius and found it exciting when I realized how to extend the size of the drone.
  7. I have found it frustrating when building a drone that I cannot either select multiple parts at once or a way to copy/paste the settings from one part to another. I realize both these scenario probably work best when the part type is homogeneous. If this was implemented it would make updating the configuration of a set of parts much easier.
  8. On my first experience I found it challenging that there was such a small building area around the "brain". After playing for a while I was able to realize that by dropping a part on another you can change it's "root" there by allowing larger builds to take shape. I'm proposing adding a slide to the instructions that explains this mechanic and also highlighting the "root" part when you have a part selected.
  9. To add I think the base drain should be lowered and add a per-hit/damage absorption energy cost so heavy fire would drastically drain energy while avoiding fire would help shields not eat up all your energy.
  10. I wouldn't say it's too terrible, I think there are many small things that would improve the text editing flow.
  11. In the box that pops up the "Name" textbox has "ENTER TAG NAME" as "normal text". The suggestion is to have that text clear when you focus the field or have it show as "behind" placehold text like you see on the web. @STM I found if you press delete it will clear the box so you don't have to hammer backspace.
  12. Hello everyone! I'm Taiko (as I'm called in many places on the web). I'm a Software Engineer originally from Southern California (US), but I've lived in Washington State (US) for over 10 years and love it here. My favorite game currently is "Factorio". When I heard about Nimbatus originally in November I was immediately taken by the range of challenges and building and look forward to helping test the game. (btw I'm a Close Alpha Tester)
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