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New beta update: 0.1.26


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New patch with mostly bug fixes incoming 😄

Patchnotes 0.1.26

New Features
- Game Ending

- Fixed Bug where Doctors had -1 herbs in their inventory and would not heal anymore
- Fixed broken language placeholder
- Fixed Worker rendering for Mac and Linux when Antialiasing is disabled
- Fixed Interaction sprites (Plot, Roads, etc.) for Mac and Linux when Antialiasing is disabled
- Fixed Onbu head jitter
- Fixed double reward with fast clicking for decisions
- Fixed hide UI
- Fix bug where Tooltips or progress bars showed no text after switching the language
- Fixed bug for a scavenging mission where you only gave 1 bread to the wildlings instead of 10
- Fixed flickering between objects and selections
- Fixed bug where map had a pattern and therefore would let you stay in a biome for a too long time
- Fixed bug where workers having resources stored, lost them on unemployement

- Farmers harvest most decomposed crop first

- Slightly faster gathering at Berry Gatherer
- Higher trust loss on Onbu Spike removal
- Less trust gain on Onbu pet
- Increased production duration for Carpenter and Stonecutter

Visual Improvements
- New asset for forester plots

Soundeffect Improvements
- When a building is constructed the building sound is played
- Decisions have a more destinct sound

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Hi Philo, what triggers the "Game ending" feature? I tried letting my Onbu die but that didn't trigger anything other than a popup message.

Also, I love the new, more distinct sounds for notifications!

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Sorry for the late answer Ribs!

After around 100 days you will encounter a certain mysterious location on your path. Passing through there will trigger the end sequence.

Thanks for the compliment for the sound notifications. It was long overdue :D I'll let our sound artist know ❤️ 

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