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creating weapon bug

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so um this is wierd and frustating

since the lava update(the recent one)
everytime im trying to create a new weapon it just don t work

im trying (on a new created word) to make a freezing lazer but somehow it just now working 
ill explain the detail to know

- ive deleted every starter weapon to create my own 
- my first weapon is a blaster whit kinectic ammo and -20 power, speed 1 and damage 1 
- i did not rename the weapon 
- that weapon succesfully created and i don t have any problem whit
- second weapon that im trying to create is a long lazer whit cryo ammo and -20 power and damage 1
- this weapon created whit the name of the first weapon but ive rename it and PRESS ENTER (if not the name don t register and it annoing)
- when exiting the tech tree i see the 2 weapon in the weapon folder
- i select the weapon , put it on my drone and then keybinding it
- i want more so i do Ctrl-C , Ctrl-v . . .  and then here start the wierdness

for some reason it copy paste the blaster -.-
then im trying it again and the same thing happen
im trying to save the drone ,quit the file and relog the save and. . . 
selecting the drone edit the drone go in weapon and my laser is not there anymore
trying to find it in the tech tree and nothing
so ive try to restart the game thinking it was a corrupt loading abd the same thing happen. . .

it kinda sad but also it a closed alpha so expect some major bug like this one

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Key @kev123thegamer12 thanks for reporting!

I'll try to reproduce this and hopefully find a fast fix. Can you send me your savefile to support@strayfawnstudio.com or upload it here? It might help to find the bug. You can find the saves here:

  • Windows: C:\Users\[Username]\AppData\LocalLow\Nimbatus\Nimbatus\Saves
  • Mac: ~/Library/Application Support/unity.Nimbatus.Nimbatus/Saves
  • Linux: ~/.config/unity3d/Nimbatus/Nimbatus/Saves



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as long as i don t delete the basic weapon im good 

if i do delete them them the bug happen

it might also be my computer the problem cause in the program log i have 2 nimbatus runing but none are open so ill try to restart my cpu to see if it help

have fun guy 

P.S. the lava update is amazing



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So I had this bug, too. It seems like any new weapon is overwritten by the previously created weapon. If you go to your new weapon, copy it, and then delete the first copy, it will work properly. That's the workaround I will be using until the patch goes live.

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