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Thrust is inaccurate when thrusters aren't attached to the drone core

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-Hop into the editor

-Create a new drone with a fuel tank and two thrusters 

-Place the fuel and thrusters in a line in front of the drone core

-Attach one thruster to the core and one to the fuel.

-Bind a different key to each thruster

-Enter testflight mode and fire each thruster separately. 

-The one attached to the core with fly the drone straight

-The one attached to the fuel will fly the drone off course.


*i'm stumped as to why it does this, but it seems it can happen when you attach thrusters to anything besides the core. This is part of why afterburners have been so challenging, it's impossible to get a symmetrical burn. 

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Some objects have a slightly misaligned center of mass; apparently, these had to be tweaked by hand at one point.  The effect is seems slight until those parts begin to add up, but I did make a bug report on this a while ago.  I, and someone else in that thread, agreed that the effect was slight enough not to be a critical fix, but it is a known bug.

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I was aware that something was up for some time, but prior to the release of racing mode, the effect made very little practical impact on drone design. With racing live and velocity caps increased, however, what was a nuisance is drastically effecting my drone designs. Part of why many drones that aren't using VTOL are fish-tailing down the track is being caused by their inability to travel in a straight line. 

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