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A Potential Way to Fix Blindness



Right now the way blindness works in game isn't accurate or fair. Blindness could be a game ender, but that's not how it is in real life. As @The League of Nations said, "animals who are blind don't sit around waiting for other animals to help them get around, they use their other senses to navigate," I completely agree. Now that I've highlighted the issue, onto a potential solution.

A possible solution to the problem would be to have them unable to move without another creature in "sight mode." In other modes they could move and take actions (which is already partly in game). The catch would be that they couldn't see trees or rocks without another creature (and possibly not see bushes in "hear mode"). If they tried to move onto a tile with one of those things there, they would waste an action, and not do anything. This way blindness would be more of an inconvenience rather than a game-ender.

Any constructive criticism would be great. I can clear things up if I didn't explain it properly.

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1 minute ago, Skysplash8 said:

I like it, though there are some suggestions already for fixing the blindness issue. This is the biggest one, and the most voted (42 votes!)


I have seen that post before, this is just a different possible solution. There is a lot of different ways to fix it after all.

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