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ttc - Karg updates


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just a place for me to share anything ttc - Karg related. If you don't know what ttc - Karg is, it's my oldest running tribe with over 400 hours played on it. Not a lot actually happens in it, and I'm hoping I could change that in the near future.

For now, this is how the tribe works:
There are the Mutationists, who get achievements for me and let me experiment with genes and such

And there are the Gatherers, who just give the Mutationists all the resources required to live. 

Also, yes, brothers and sisters do breed with each other. Once they have opposing immunity genes, they will. This is to keep the genepool consistent, I guess.

Right now I'm trying to get the Bat Wing and the Raccoon achievement.

So yeah, here's what they're up too!

They got 402 hours :D


And here's what I open up to. Poor Parvivi :(. She was a rogue male child of someone who was already alone, and I felt really bad so I let her have her child.


Also, they did just recently get 10000 food, so good on them! By the way, they aren't actually at 832 days- they're somewhere around 2000, but some of the updates they went through reset it, rip.

Here's the rest of the tribe (other than two others)!2.thumb.jpg.b7fb41e6360cf4d061d5a406c2d1a0fa.jpg

There's actually another rogue male child, her name is Viparai, she's in the top right corner and is gray!

I passed the day and not only is it raining, but I new baby was born: Mylolu.3.png.c6635a34301ae2a57f6fb886a58488b0.png

She can actually breed with another dude, Nunur, so she will, and her parents can stop breeding.

I went through the day and nothing else really happened, so I'll leave it at that.

Otherwise, here's all of the other screenshots I took of them on this island. :D4.thumb.jpg.502fe1e8de45b10addd01873e66fb902.jpg5.thumb.jpg.2b3a779f27a1b5d057915ad57a871517.jpg6.thumb.jpg.45ac2d3a9ca5c72f29b6e7c6cc8ff874.jpg7.thumb.jpg.3b04c8dc21b7bcb8e5f85c766ae48454.jpg8.thumb.jpg.709afc825d9328aaf1c8e770b889603a.jpg

^ I really liked this wanderer, lol9.thumb.jpg.4599cf81e07040e95076aaac8ce1a1a8.jpg10.thumb.jpg.8b91deffea846acf278ee04800a8588e.jpg11.thumb.jpg.bc3cd81f0d20a206783553fff3828959.jpg13..waitwhatsttckargdoinhere.thumb.jpg.082121e970c550f3b9d0a6f4acc19938.jpg12.thumb.jpg.040adf04e7f93bb1c2ae6d37e0efe41e.jpg


so ye

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14 minutes ago, Skysplash8 said:

I spy with my little eye several brochure-carrying messengers of Meringue?!

Hah, well actually I was planning to make them Meringue from an old "Creating Your Creatures!" thread I made, but decided to give up in favor of getting the achievements.

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