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  1. This server is much more crowded than the Niche one.
  2. Just like the islands have the whale island for travel, the continent would have a tarrasque!
  3. What about 2 strength 2 cracking for the big one and 1 cracking 1 collecting for he small one? Crabs can use their claws to grab things. They are surely better at it than paws.
  4. Echolocation will allow a creature to use its hearing range for movement. Simple. In a scenario with creature A having echolocation and creature B not, creature B can move into creature's A hearing range but Creature A cannot move into creature's B. If both creature have it they can move into each other hearing range. Basically It acts as if hearing was vision for that creature. Also in addition to the bat head having +1 echolocation i propose a second gene: bat ears. Its the ears on the bat heat but without the head. They give +3 hearing +1 echolocation -1 smelling(or vision?). This allows echolocation while having another heat type but with a debuff to other senses.
  5. There used to be rainforests at the poles so i think its fine.
  6. The minigame works like this: I post a niche build and an island type and you have to create a build that can find its niche on the island. The main objective is to destroy the other build but as long as the build can find a niche it doesnt matter if it is as prey. Then you post another build and an island type for the next person. It can be the same build. The builds must have the same gene on both slots, even the paws. You can leave out some traits to be random (like pattern type) but you must leave out any benefit those traits give (like camouflage). The build must be able to survive the island as well. The builds act as different species and will drop food for each other. The distasteful traits will deter predatory builds but if you compete for the same food source they will attack. For the purpose of camouflage grass cannot be cleared but movement penalty is ignored. Also the hiding in grass bonus is ignored if you are adjacent to the enemy(outherwise they can never see you). Poison and spiky body both will deter the other build even if youre eating its food if they have no resistance but if you attack they will fight back if they can outdamage you. Also since blind builds are impossible otherwise with the rules, we will say they can move in any tile they have both smelling and hearing in range but cant use others detection range like sight can. For the start i present you the mountain drakes: The island is first snow. They specialize in cracking and hunting. They hunt by flying in, attacking and flying out of range. During very cold times they retreat to the grassy area. Their ability to fly and perch in trees makes them difficult to hit but have no innate camouflage otherwise. Note the distasteful apparence and sound.
  7. Only on frost lands. On other islands it only goes down to 3 cold,
  8. Venom is not useful as an offensive weapon. Its better to just use something that adds strength directly. You need something that adds speed too or you will be too slow. Wings are the best option but runner leg will do. I think the best build is Mega horns, bearyena/saber fangs, wings, hammer tail and bearyena hind legs. Its not the strongest creature but has the mobility to swarm everything.
  9. The flying squala is a combination between a flying squirrel🐿️ and a drop bear🐨(a kind of koala). It is mostly koala shaped with the tail and wing membrane of a squirrel and claws and fangs, Its color is red-brown fading to gray towards the face and ends of limbs. It can be found in the savannah on medium and harder islands. Its abilities are: 1 movement, 6 flying, 1 collecting, 2 strength, 1 defense, 4 eyesight, 2 smelling, 2 camouflage(in savannah), poison resistance, 5 heat resistance It lives for 20 days and drops 10 food It spawns in acacia trees🌳 where it spends most of its time, using its 1 collecting to collect the nuts. If it senses a creature of any type coming under its tree it will leap on their head, stunning then just like a coconut does(except bunnies🐇, which are killed instantly). It will remain latched on their head, hitting them each time you make a move, just like the razorana🐟. To remove it simply attack it, which will cause it to run back in its tree. However because it has 1 defense you need at least 2 strength to attack it, which is not so easy with the lean body. If the tree it came from is already occupied(by a winged nicheling for example) the squala will have to go on a ground tile instead. While on the ground it is not capable of attacking, making it an easy target. When on the ground it will try to make its way to the nearest empty tree. Now you might be wondering where does the 6 flying come into effect, since it one needs 1 to get back into the tree. During the night it may chose to fly to a nearby tree. It does not have to be fully in range, it will walk the rest of the way but if you catch it off guard its easy to kill. It cannot fly during the day, except to hop back to its tree, which it needs to be adjacent to. It can only use its leap attack after spending a night in the tree so if it just arrived by flying or was just removed from a creature it cannot immediately attack again. Because being in a tree gives +2 sight you need all the camouflage boosts as well as the scentless from lean body to avoind being detected. Or either distasteful scent or appearance(only 1 needed, not both). If a creature has 2 defense it will not be stunned. The squala will remain attached if the host moves. If you use a flying nicheling to attack the squala while its in the tree it will hit back each time you attack it. Also if a berry bush spawns under a tree the squala can collect from it but it will not get out of the tree to look for them. On mixed islands(grass mingle) it can move into non acacia trees🌴 and can collect snails🐌 and toxic berries.
  10. There is not much trying you can do in one generation. Are you restarting until you get good rolls? Also how close is toxic body. Note that the island is half swamp and the platypus beak is a good source of food too. Poison fangs are not necessary.
  11. Any news? Is no one working on this anymore?
  12. This seems obvious since thats what an antenna is for: bugs use them to smell. Weather prediction by itself is not very useful. Maybe in the burning savannah or the mountain but you only need 1 creature with it. So it wont be OP.
  13. Here is my progress with the tribe: The new leader is: Eevee Hey a wanderer! Lalasi brings in immunity I I didnt know we had a friendly bearyena. At least i only attacket him once before i noticed Ivy gets a new sister: Coconut. It seems most creatures have immunity G and H. Ash and Sereana are the only breeding pair. A drought has hit. We are moving north towards the archipelago ports. Didnt we already go there? We need go north at archipelago, overgrown jungle and long winter! Serena has another daughter: Lily. Ivy found a wanderer! Oh No... At least he has new immunity genes Again? Lalasi and Sentret are starting a family by the ports. As well as Max and Pidgey. Trying for wings! Coconut started a family with Nuroduk. Also a bearyena attacked but i took it out before it had a chance to hurt anyone. The red one is Tomato, Eevee's son with the rogue. He has immunity K. Progress! Eevee and Zigzagoon have started a family and 3 of Pidgey's children have wings. A new wanderer: Reko Another bearyena. The double clawed nichelings can take care of her. A new wanderer: Vantaku. He has immunity B. Eevee's last son was born with the water body(I put it in her and Zag's mutation menu). Obviously his name has to be: Aadaam! Ready to migrate! The chosen ones names are from left to right top to bottom: Peachy, Rachel, Dovey, Gorgonzola, Sentry, Eevee, Chocolat, Finch, Aadaam and Tomato. Also Pidgey's other daughter was Chloe. Given that her mate was Max can you guess where those came are from? The archipelago! It is Eevee's last turn. Chocolat and Rachel have started a family trying for the wings to get mates for the 2 winged nichelings as they share an immunity. Peachy has started a family with Tomato and Aadaam was about to start a family with sentry on the other island(or is her Gorgonzola? The one preparing to cross to the next island). The family tree. I forgot to rename the new ones before taking the screenshot. The options for the next leaders are: Peachy''s daughter Rose and Rachel's daughter Xenoxyphilius. I did not set Aadaam and Sentry's mutation menu so its up to you if you cross to the next island and try for water genes or remain on land. I would go for the first as you will need at least the tailfin to cross all the way the swamp plorts. Also if Gorgonzola has a daughter name her Medusa. PS: How many rounds need to have passed before we can work on it again? Slot4.nichesave
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