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  1. well anyway thanks for making that option!
  2. yeah its great for making automated defense now!
  3. Ah that makes sense i thought they were classified as oppenent drone
  4. its very easy to make now just do a detachable fuel & energy drone and just use vtol thrusthers and somethin random (shields work the best) and make it be created by a factory
  5. i was actully thinking about buying it! until i saw the price
  6. It’s called: spam factories with one energy thing and one weapon I’m also very bad at it myself
  7. i really don't know what to write but hello! i am here because nimbatus is one of my favorite games! 🙂
  8. version: 0.8.4 alpha steam this is a bug i have the vtol thrusters when put on following enemies they only go down as soon as im home i will provide screenshots and version! nevermind micha solved it
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