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  1. Idk, just talk to him. Everest doesn't make sense, use that to your advantage--
  2. My children's reaction to being stabbed; Everest: ...Thanks for that. Jest: Who is a what? Who are you stabbing? Board: "No thanks, you can take that back--" Uno reverse card has happened, have a nice death. Forest nicheling: HOW DARE YOU STAB ME YOU FOOLISH PLEBIAN Penelope: Uhm… You just attacked the air. What were you trying to accomplish? Luli: Why? Jennifer, why would you do this?
  3. A cave in snowy mountains. ALMOST the entire crew. Bubbli almost died. Also, Ink X Everest is apparently going to be a thing now--
  4. Some background; They're at the Tim Hortons and Juniper is accompanied by her 3-year-old daughter. The display case of donuts spins, so it's hard to point at one-- Juniper; Go ahead and pick a donut! Luli; points at random donut Juniper; Which one?! Just say the name! Luli; I'm three, JUNIPER, I can't READ-- Juniper; I- The.... The sprinkle donut...? Heh? Luli; Yeah! The sprinkle donut!!
  5. Mars was napping in one of the dens, but kept moving around, as he was a very light sleeper. He had been asleep all night, so it wouldn't hurt to wake him up. Toxin was asleep near a tree stump, as he wasn't allowed to share dens with anybody, not even his mother that was supposed to be watching him right now. He ruffled his feathers a bit, only to use them as a blanket.
  6. Forest nicheling glared down at you. "The cold, me, A bunch of idiots, and the forest. I kid you not, I will murder you if you tell a joke in my forest." She hissed.
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