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  1. .All I want in life is a Pokemon vr game
  2. Ash already died within the first four minutes of the second episode
  3. Okay but the new opening theme for the sword and Shield slaps
  4. She nodded. He smiled warmly, “it’s time for work.”
  5. She sat up and stretched. He sat up, went over and nudged her with his nose.
  6. Welp, you know what happens next Bois, Time to eat
  7. The chaotic energy they radiate
  8. All warfare is based on deception
  9. It’s like jokes worms are chaotic evil
  10. Then don’t look at them 😊
  11. If you don’t We will take Out your ligaments and joints, put them on the other way around and then force you to do the Macarena
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