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  1. "You can, it's just so we know you do have one."
  2. That's not needed
  3. A guard approached you. "Hail, travelers! Do you have any weapons on you?"
  4. Well it also kept referring to Modman as him but we shall simply ignore that (i also need a new name for Modman.)
  5. Mhhh. Very good on the genetics front Except Newtpaw. Unless Firemarsh is a tortie secretly. It's highly unlikely that Lichenshine's children would have little to no white spotting, unless Lichen is a colorpoint. I'm also assuming Firemarsh is a tabby and not light brown (otherwise Kitepaw can't be black)
  6. The guard stationed there sent the order to open the gate
  7. *Evil laughing* Lakefin should be red Flyflight should be a tortie Male torties but whatever (Mistleflurry could be a chimera bc heterochromia)
  8. The dragon dropped you off near the two humans you found yourself with earlier
  9. The dragon carefully picked you up by the scruff and took flight
  10. The dragon snorted, sending plumes of smoke in your direction
  11. It was a monstrously sized green dragon
  12. The gf has another boyfriend and a baby
  13. Tristan and Rebbecca kept walking along the road, looking at all the strange sights, until they reached a town gate You heard a growl behind you
  14. Where is my prehistoric Salt
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