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Forever Following Blindly


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"Are you sure? Why make them so tiny?"
"It gives them more time. Trust me, they'll need that time."
"Okay... Wait wait! One of them is moving!"
"Exactly, so shut up."



The first has woken... Followed by the rest...
One question is the immediate go-to for all of them.
Where are we?

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“Almond? Almond where’d you go?”

“Almond? Who’s Almond? Who are you?”

“What’s this talk about food…?”


“They’re clearly talking about a nicheling. Look at them, they look scared- You think their first concern is food?”

“Who’s next to me? Where’s Squirrel?”

“Squirrel? Almond? Y’all are making me hungry.”

“...What’s a Squirrel?”



2020-07-18 (1).png

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Just now, Possum Girl said:

xrdtfyguhio i know who they are, but i can only name two of them-

Steel is there for sure, and i think thats Butch in the back? was that his name?-


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“Everyone, please, if any of you know where we are, speak up. Otherwise, shut your mouth and sit down.”

. . .

“So nobody knows where we are?”

“Way to go, captain obvious.”


. . .

“Then does anybody have any ideas?”

“I think we should introduce ourselves… So that we have something to call each other!”

“You seem way too calm.”

“Orange one- Shush. It’s a good idea.”


“You, albino, go first.”


“Blizzard. My name is Blizzard. That’s all you need to know.”

“Grey and yellow one?”

. . .

“Can someone poke them or something?”

Ze poke

“Huh? Oh uh- Steel.”

“Red one?”

“I’m fine with being called red one. I’d rather not have my name known.”

“You’re stuck with us, so if you want us to get anywhere, then just say it.”

. . .

“Extra Raw Toast. . .”

“Sounds like food.”

“What is it with you and food?!”

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“I’m just hungry okay!”

“Then go eat!”

“I have no idea where I am! I’m not gonna go walking off on my own!”


. . .

“Back to names. Since you two want to talk so much, you’re next.”

“Masinian. I should be at home eating berries, not here.”

“Be quiet before this turned into a sob story. Fang, your turn.”

“Butch. And I don’t appreciate being called ‘Fang’.”

“Quiet. Whisker face’s turn.”

“Whisker face?!”

“I’d be really disappointed if that was actually your name.”

“It- No, my name’s Melen! Not whisker face!”

“Okay. So?”

“So don’t call me whisker face!”

“Whatever. I think the last nicheling issss… Brown spotty?”



“What about salmon fur over there?”

“I don’t see a salmon fur.”

“That’s because they’re hiding behind Melen!”

“Not hiding. Just sitting.”

“Oh- They aren’t just crazy. Hey, what’s your name?”


. . .

“That… Sounds familiar.”

“Shush. I’m Thorne. Now that we can put names to faces- or to voices- lets get something settled. Anybody with experience, go find a bush or a tree and get picking. We’re going to need food if all… Nine? Of us are staying here.”

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And so everybody split into groups..

Extra Raw Toast and Pretich both ran ahead of the group.
Prisponen, Butch, and Misinian decided that they probably shouldn't stick around the rest of the group, so they decided to travel together.
And so that left Thorne, Steel, Blizzard, and Melen.


“Of course I get stuck with the blind ones... “

“Hey! I’m not blind!”

“Did I ask?”

“No, but.. You said the blind ones. I’m not blind!”

“You may not be physically blind, but you are mentally blind.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“You’re an idiot.”

“Hey! That’s mean!”

“Are you two done yet? I might be blind, but that doesn’t mean I’m deaf.”

“Yeah! Not deaf. But sight would be nice.

“Shut up, peanut gallery. Just keep picking your berries.”



“Uhm.. Prisponen, do you have anything interesting to talk ab-”


“But he didn’t even f-”

“I know.”

“Why’d y-”


. . .

“So uh- Mis.. Misini?”




“Whatever it is- Do you have anything to talk about?”

“You think I know how to start conversation? I lead a tribe of weaklings, why would I be used to making friends?”

“I don’t want your sob story, okay? Just wanted chit-chat.”

“You aren’t gonna even ask what being a leader was like?”

“I don’t need to know.”


“I don’t want your sob story.”



“Pretich, was it? Are you ever going to come out from behind that rock?”

“No. Be quiet. Go hunt your rabbils or something.”

“Aw, that’s no fun! Being quiet is… Quiet.”

“Exactly. Zip it.”

“C’mon, there’s gotta be something you want to talk about!”

“There isn’t. Please just shut up?”

“Fine, since you asked so NiCeLy.



2020-07-18 (2).png

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And night eventually came, as it always does. Lets focus on the suns' time though.



“Ow! Ooooooooooowwwwwww!”

“Shush! If you didn’t want a goldleech then you shouldn’t have jumped into the water! Now stay still so I can stop the bleeding!”


Hah, Thorne can’t even hit a goldleech! And we’re supposed to be the blind ones!

“Don’t laugh… Even if he was mean about it, you shouldn’t mock him.”

“C’mon, just once?”

“No. It’s rude.”

“You’re no fun, Steel.”

 . . .

“That’s rude, Blizzard.” :(


“Hey, Butch.”

“Still a no.”

. . .



. . .


“Do you ever shut up? Or is it physically impossible for you?”

“I can talk all day.” >:)


“This is why nobody liked you.”

“Hey! They did like me! They just.. Didn’t worship me like they should’ve been!”

“Whatever you say, sunflower.”

“What did you just call me?”

“Sunflower. You look like a sunflower. It makes sense. Now shut up.”


“You still there…?”


“How’ve you stayed quiet this long?”



“I’m used to it.”

“Oh. Why?”

“I thought you said you were going to be quiet.”

“I’m being quiet… Whispering is quiet, right?

“Yes, smartypaw.”

Thank you, mystery rock nicheling.

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"Coughing... Someone keeps coughing.."

"Did you not pay attention to if they were sick or not?"

"Hey! It doesn't matter- It's only one of them anyways. And it'll make it even! Sickly ones die faster, right? If they're smart they'll stay away from others! No big deal."

"So what I'm getting is a 'yes'?"

"Whatever gets you to shut up faster."

"Whatever, Jaybrid."



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So they started moving. Why stay in the same area? They can split up and do their own things! Independence! Yeah!


“Please don’t drown him.”

“You’re lucky if I don’t drown! Do you see how deep this is?”

“You can see where you’re going! He can’t!”

“So? Doesn’t he have like.. A sixth sense or something? Something that goes against the laws of nature?”

“Stop treating us like we’re dumb! We can hear you perfectly fine y’know!”

“I’m not talking about you!”

“Doesn’t mean you get to treat Steel like he’s dumb!”

“If he doesn’t like it then he can say something!”

Thorne and Blizzard glared at each other for what seemed like an eternity. Blizzard then huffed and turned to where he last heard Steel.

“Steel! Say something about it!”

. . .

“C’mon! You were speaking earlier, don’t pretend you’re mute!

Steel just stared down at the ground, his ears peeled back.

“Whatever. I tried helping you but you just never try, do you?”

“Blizzard, enough! Thorne, just get it over with!”


Melen steps on Blizzard’s tail to make sure he doesn’t try anything, and Throne walks over to Steel. Thorne guides Steel with his tail, leading him into the water. Steel starts to freak out, but Thorne sticks next to him to calm him down. They eventually make it over to the other side, but Steel does spit up a bit of water. At least he didn’t drown, right?



After winning a game of what seemed like rock-paper-scissors, Prosponen sat next to the growing berry bush. The loser, Butch, had to deal with whatever adventure Misinian wanted to go on. That adventure? Just walking by the shore and talking. But it was still going to be a bad day for Butch.


As for Extra Raw Toast and Pretich? Extra Raw Toast had convinced Pretich to come out from behind the boulder. Sure, it took a lot of small talk, but whatever worked. She seemed really sad, so Extra Raw Toast decided to just try to comfort her. Rabbils don’t matter as much as happiness, right?






2020-07-18 (3).png

2020-07-18 (4).png

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Melen helped guide Blizzard through the water, and there was an unexplainable feeling between the two. No, not an emotion. Something physical. It felt like… Like they were buried in snow. Neither of them said anything, but when they got to land they both shot each other a look. They knew what the look meant. They both felt it, not just one of them. Blizzard might not have had it as bad, but he was still shivering. Melen had it worse, but surprisingly didn’t seem affected by it. It was almost like she was used to dealing with unbearable coldness.

The two didn’t notice, but Steel and Thorne had already ran off somewhere. It wasn’t too far away, but still far enough for them not to know where they were.


“Steel, hey, you there?”

Thorne waved a paw in front of the males face, but what did he expect a blind nicheling to see?

“Yes… Something wrong?”

The shorter blind nicheling looked up, and Thorne only now saw how sad and tired he was. Thorne’s ears peeled back.

“Are you okay? You look a little… Bleh.”

Sure, that might have been a bit rude, but the words weren’t coming to his head at the moment.

“I’m okay. I just… Don’t handle pressure well.”

“Then.. Why didn’t you say anything?”

Thorne seemed genuinely concerned, which was a bit unlike him. Steel just shrugged and stared down at the dirt with tired eyes.

“When uhm.. When everyone was together. You said something about a nicheling. What was their name?”

Steel looked up at Thorne. Their gazes didn’t exactly meet since Steel couldn’t exactly see anything, but he could tell something had changed about Thorne.

“Almond. She was close to me… She didn’t think of me as a burden..”

“Who thought you were a burden?”

Steel sorta raised a non-existent eyebrow. Thorne realized something that made him feel a bit guilty.

“Oh. That… Sorry.”

“It’s fine. Just please.. Don’t treat us like we aren’t there?”

“Right.. Okay.. Uhm.. Do you wanna go back? Or not ready to deal with Blizzard again?”

“I don’t like being yelled at..”

“So stay here. Got it.”



Masinian had been talking Butch’s ears off, but about halfway through, Butch realized that it wasn’t just bragging. It wasn’t all about how great she is- She was talking about something else. She seemed to be.. Downtalking herself? He didn’t expect that. He decided to just listen silently. Ignoring her was starting to become boring anyways.

After a while, he started to become concerned. She was talking about her tribe, but they didn’t exactly seem the nicest. Not the nicest at all.


Hours.. Hours of just walking and listening.


“And then.. Then I stayed next to the cactus. Because the cactus couldn’t hurt me as much as they did, right?”

“Why didn’t you say anything?”

“Ah, they wouldn’t listen to me anyways. Most of us females didn’t have a say. I’m not any different.” She giggled a little, almost as if it were common sense and he was being dumb. But the giggle seemed.. Sad, in a way.

“But.. But it’s your life, you should be allowed to have a say in things.” He didn’t seem to think of it as a joke, or something that should be downplayed. He was genuinely concerned about her.

“Eh. I’d rather be told what to do than end up with a claw to my throat.” She stopped and sat down, staring out at the water.

Butch sat down next to her, trying to figure out how she was feeling based off of her expression. It was surprisingly hard to read her emotions.

She then looked up at him. “If you were taught something your whole life, and never knew anything different, would it really seem that bad to you? I was the only one that wasn’t raised in that tribe.. I could never feel the same way they did. It was just common sense to them, y’know?”

He stared down at the water, trying to think of something to say to her. 

“No.. It probably wouldn’t.. If I didn’t have ideals of my own..”

They just sat in silence. To talk for hours and then hear nothing. It was unsettling.

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“Good job!”


Misinian looked back at Butch with a smile, then picked up the stagmole she’d just nabbed. She set it down between her and Butch, then layed down in the nest she had found.

“Just don’t eat all of it. It’s my job to eat all the food.” She said jokingly, closing her eyes.

“Dang- But stagmoles are so delicious!” He joked, sitting down next to her.

She just smiled and yawned. “Whatever, grass breath.”

“Grass breath? Jeez, you really don’t know how to insult someone, do you?”

“Oh shut up.” She laughed. “Let me go to sleep.”

“Fiiiiiiiine.” He rolled his eyes jokingly and curled his tail around her.




“I can’t find them!”

“Keep looking! They couldn’t have gotten that far!”

“Wow, how rude. I thought you were supposed to be the nice one.” Blizzard pouted, keeping his ears perked up to listen to any noises that might be in the distance.

“I am! But you’re rude, so I decided that if I’m stuck with you I should speak like you too.” She hissed, clawing through some tall grass.

“Blah blah blah- You’re boring. Your talking makes me want to snore.” He growled, lifting his head up a bit more. It was kinda hard to focus on trying to find others though when he’s thinking of random comebacks.

“Shut up and just keep listening. They have to be around here somewhere.” She pushed through some more grass, looking around.

Blizzard closed his eyes, focusing on the noise. Eventually, he heard someone yelling. But not really yelling.. It was like a small dramatic yell. Kind of like someone was joking? Still- he heard them.

“Steel. Steel’s that way.” He flicked his ear in the direction he heard the noise from.

Melen looked over, then at where he flicked his ear. “Lets go.”


After pushing through a bunch of grass, Melen and Blizzard stopped. Melen was immediately confused. Steel and Thorne weren’t fighting for once. In fact, they were laughing, and Thorne had his tail curled around Steel. The two didn’t notice Melen and Blizzard until a certain someone decided to be annoying.

“Ugh- Where were you?” He huffed annoyedly, trying to catch his breath.

Thorne jumped and looked over. He backed away from Steel a bit and sat back down. “Just exploring before you could catch up. But now we have to deal with your annoying hissy fits again.” He rolled his eyes, avoiding eye contact with the very confused Melen. 

“Hissy fits?! I don’t have hissy fits!” Blizzard growled angrily.

“Yeah yeah, save it for someone who cares.”

“Uhm… What were you doing?” She decided to speak up. Partially because she didn’t want them to fight, partially because she’s extremely confused.

“What do you mean?” He shoots her a death glare, but tries to make it sound like he’s genuinely confused as well.

“You..” She saw the glare and decided to shut up. “Nevermind. So uhm- Steel! How’re you feeling?”

Steel looked over. He obviously hadn’t been focusing on the conversation. “Hm? Oh uh- I’m good.”

“Right… Uhm.. Blizzard, let’s go try to fish or something.” She turned to Blizzard, who groaned.

“But we JUST found them! And I don’t want to stay with you any longer! You smell like bearyena dung!”

“I do not! Come on!” She started walking back, yanking his ear a bit to get him to follow.

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Just now, Possum Girl said:

whenever i look at Prisponen i can only see Jest srtdyfughij they look weirdly similar 








wait 👀


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Just now, Dysfunctional Numbers Foxy said:


Not from the TaS universe. No. From the second main universe.

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1 minute ago, Possum Girl said:

who was he mates with? 👀

shhh dont tell Juniper

Plank. :)


Yes, there's two other pieces of the puzzle nobody knows about.

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Pretich watched as a small red nicheling pounced onto a rabil, his younger sister close behind.

“Keep up, Autumn!” The young male shouted back to his sister.

What looked like a newborn was stumbling after him, followed by Pretich.

“What are you trying to show Autumn exactly?” Pretich questioned with a smile on her face.

“I’m showing her how to catch a rabbil! She’d be great at it!” 

“Aspen, she can’t even walk properly, how would she be able to run after a rabbil?” She asked, giggling a little.

“Then I can teach her to walk! And run! And whatever she needs to catch a rabbil!” He huffed confidently, running back and sitting next to his sister. “And soon enough she’ll be the best runner! Because I taught her~” He said proudly.

Pretich held back a laugh. “Whatever you say.”




Misinian lay in the nest, curled around a small nicheling. They were both sleeping, and Butch was the only one awake. Butch just cleared some grass, and whenever the little one started to wake up, he’d hum. The humming would make the little one go back to sleep. Butch knows how to make a child go back to sleep, but not know to stop them from crying. So he’s just avoiding them crying.

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