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underwater biome



there could be an underwater biome, grass would be seaweed, there would be small islands with maybe a tree or berry bush that creatures could use, the leaches would spawn around the islands, there could be a underwater predator to replace the bearyanea. natural nests would look like they were made from seaweed. fish swarms would become the new bunnies. and lastly for a food source there another underwater plant they gives several berries a day. also when it doesnt rain for at least 2 1/2 weeks in a row the water starts drying up when this happens if the water around berry bushes is gone they no longer produce berries and there is no food where the water dried up. 


I just thought of this a few minutes ago that whys its not very fleshed out.

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Can I add stuff? Maybe there could be a Gold Leech BIG predator that comes up if you kill enough of the leeches (not taking them off frens fur) I really like the idea of water drying up too, maybe if it rains a ton it floods? I like the idea of the underwater biome being like a couple of tiny islands your nichlings come across while traveling

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