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Ticking Time- A WoF Sim/Rp


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10 hours ago, Broken said:

As you walked downstairs and into the kitchen, you could hear a light tapping on the floor.

“You almost just died! So I had to move you out of the way. Lightning hit a tree and it was falling. Here, let’s hide in this cave.” The rain had turned from a drizzle into a pounding storm. He grabbed your wrist, but let go and began walking.

She looked around.

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On 10/10/2020 at 1:10 AM, Flour said:

He dove through, hoping to summersault and land safely on the other side

You felt yourself land on the stone. You don’t know if it’s a tunnel, or just a small cave.

On 10/10/2020 at 6:46 AM, Spoopy Bottle said:

"mhm..." He was still just staring...

“I- I mean... I guess they listened to his instructions...”

On 10/10/2020 at 9:31 AM, Spooky パンケーキ said:

She looked around.

There was nothing. But the tapping continued.

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2 hours ago, Spooky パンケーキ said:


she looked around.

You thought you saw eyes in the darkness, but they disappeared.

39 minutes ago, Flour said:

He scoffed. ‘’Could be a tunnel maybe? Or a cave.’’ He said, feeling oddly cold. It was probably because of the rain and being in the dark cave but he was shivering slightly.

You felt around, but all around you was cool, hard stone.

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15 hours ago, Flour said:

‘’Should I try and find a way out?’’ He asked himself quietly. ‘’It would probably be the best option..’’

You felt around for any kind of opening but found nothing.

8 hours ago, Spoopy Bottle said:

"I don't like this... I just want drip and drop back and everything to be all ok!" He cried. He ran off back to his room.

You shut the door and sat on your bed. No one came.

6 hours ago, Spooky パンケーキ said:

She started to worry so she flashed her light up scales into the darkness

There was an outline of a dragon, but you couldn’t tell who or what they were.

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4 hours ago, Spoopy Bottle said:

He cried a bit.

You wanted to escape, but you knew there was no way out. Not unless you killed someone. But you wouldn't do that.

1 hour ago, Spooky パンケーキ said:


“You can see me?” A deep voice asked. The figure seemed to be looking at you.



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2 minutes ago, Spooky パンケーキ said:


”An-And what do you mean by.. ‘I haven’t had a living dragon see me’..?”

“I’m dead, that’s what it means. Well, an evil animus did something to me. Where I would never be able to fully die. And only certain dragons can see me.”

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