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Mega Predator / Corrupted Reptile


I had an idea for a new predator that spawns very rarely on killer islands. 

It has a scaly reptile appearence, red with black streaks. It's huge! It takes up one tile with each foot, and between them there's space for Nichelings to squeeze in to the body. It can attack Nichelings standing next to it's feet, which look like the icon for bearyena front leg (the icon does not look like the real thing). It walks with its legs in a star shape, splayed out and close to the ground.

You can attack it's body or feet, and they have different defense. The feet have 4 defense and the body is a weak point with 1 defense. It has 6 attack so don't get hit. It will also randomly destroy berry bushes, trying to starve your tribe. It drops 50 food.

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15 hours ago, alex602h said:

I think it should drop a bit more food, because it's so big, and sounds very tricky to kill

Agreed, maybe 50 or even 100. This is a good idea, just needs a bit of fleshing out. Also, does it have front legs/feet at all or how does it stand/walk?

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