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  1. If I had a nickel for every pixel here, I'd have two nickels /j
  2. "This fossil was named Koreaceratops, which means korean ceratops." "Hey genius, if you want to translate the name Koreaceratops, maybe you should also translate what ceratops means? "
  3. Oh dear, the americans are at it again... /j
  4. Hello and welcome! Don't break any rules, or else [Insert threat]
  5. "Wow, I hit that ledge so hard my feet fell off"
  6. Maybe it's because the devs are secretly part of Team Rocket, and we are the trainees?
  7. My first language is romanian And we aren't nearly as fancy as that last example
  8. No, it's just a random summoning ritual dance thingy idk
  9. I think that's Shakespearean
  10. I'm pretty sure most people can't speak latin
  11. Alright, what is your username again? And do you think 100 uses is enough? Or is that too much?
  12. Oh sorry, I almost summoned Satan accidentally
  13. I'll get the candles, can you get the blood?
  14. What do you say to 1 SC per use?
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