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'Fallen Leaves' a warriors fanfic based on the sim rp


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The leaves were changing color as a brown tom appeared. "Greetings Savage." he said 

"Ah you're finally here," said the bigger tom. "I hope you have good news." 

The Bigger tom nodded, "yes Shade managed to recruit one of of the clan cats to join us". He looked rather proud and nodded at Shade. 

"Have that clan cat meet me right here," He said, "We shall have his new naming ceremony soon". He nodded and walked back to his den.  

"Come on, Squeak." Said The tom, "Let's get that new cat, and show him the way here". 

"Fine." Said Squeak. He headed out of the entrance and trotted over to the new cat. "Hey Im Squeak". He said 


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