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Blind Eyes - What do you guys think?  

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  1. 1. Should we make nichelings able to move in scent or hearing view?

    • Yes
    • No
    • Give them limited movement?
  2. 2. Why or why not?

    • Blind creatures aren't just standing around, waiting for someone to help in real life, why should nichelings?
    • They are meant to be a hinderance and make nichelings useless for the most part
    • Bruh idek

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Okay, so, blind eyes. Look cool, suck to have. Now, here's a question; Why can't they just move in scent view or hearing view? I get that its to keep blind eyes to being something that sucks, but blind creatures don't just sit around all day in real life waiting for someone to tell them where to go. So could the devs make it so they could move or collect and stuff in scent or hearing view? I feel like they should be able to considering real blind animals aren't completely helpless like they are in Niche. Oh well, tell me if you think we should keep them as they are or actually let our blind creatures not be helpless inmobile creatures.

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So, I voted limited movement but let me explain my perspective in more detail. I think that blind creatures should have full access to do anything in smell and hearing modes as that is all they’ve ever known and would make the added smelling and hearing more useful. However for normal-eyesighted creatures, they are much more dependent on sight so they should not be able to do as much during these modes as blind creatures.

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I think our blind Nichelings should be able to move at least limited (if they could move just the same as the other Nichelings then there'd be no need for the blindness genes so limited movement) especially because wandering blind Nichelings just zip around like squirrels on crack.

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