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    Post an inside joke with an explanation

    This letter —> H, is pronounced “hay-ch” and not “ay-ch” This is just how I was raised to say it until one of my friends pointed it out and how it annoyed them. Now I constantly emphasize it whenever I get a chance to say it just to annoy them.
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    Forum categories

    Maybe there could be mechanics and minor changes as other categories. Also I’d totally organize everything too.
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    Forum categories

    @Philo What do you think?
  4. Hey so I know some of these pairings don’t seem biologically accurate but this is Niche and why not. I think some of these are better than others and don’t think they all would work but I think I’d be nice to at least propose it. Also, I would like to say that I am aware of the “one post per idea” rule, but I wasn’t sure if each entity counted as a different idea, and I didn’t want to bombard the forum with all of them. However, if you think I should separate them, I’ll happily do so. I was also sick of people suggesting hybrids through the same method as bearyenas so I made some original ones but the bearyena rule does apply to most of them if you don’t like the ideas I proposed. Finally, I wanted to explain the formatting a little bit. If you see “existing gene/existing gene”, it means both/all would work for the slot and can either be one or the other or both/all. If you see “existing gene/new gene”, it means that the existing gene is an alternative to the new gene. Since I made this in a very give or take way where if you don’t think the new gene is very good, the existing gene would be a good alternative. All patterns were also chosen based on entity texture and what may look similar on a Nicheling, such as stripes to look like a feather texture. So let me know what you think works and what doesn’t. Rabbil Obtained by: Breeding with a giant rabbil A giant rabbil spawns as a friend in an area with 3 burrows next to each other surrounded by 3-4 berry bushes and will collect from bushes (in grassland biome) Collecting berries from the bushes in the area results in the giant rabbil no longer being your friend Destroying bushes, attacking the giant rabbil, and/or other rabbils in the area and/or sight range of the giant rabbil results in the giant rabbil attacking you and compels other rabbils to attack you Normal rabbils attack with a strength of 1 every ⅓ times If the giant rabbil is killed for 10 food points, rabbils will stop attempting to attack your creatures and will despawn back into the burrows and will not respawn until the giant rabbil respawns A new giant rabbil spawns in 10 days if the area is left in the dark and all berry bushes in the area are fully grown (applies as well if giant rabbil dies of natural causes) All giant rabbils are male and move like any other rabbil unless being bred with where it will not move for the day until a successful breeding or the day passes over Giant Rabbil Stats: 5 sight 2 strength 2 speed 3 collecting Lifespan - 30 days Hybrid Genes: Normal snout Big ears/Rabbit ears - +4 hearing, +1 heat resistance Running leg/Collecting paws - +3 collecting (maybe +1 speed) Lean body/Small body - +1 heat resistance, +2 camo in tall grass, +1 stealth, +2 speed, can be picked up by birds as a teenager (adult size is equivalent to the size of a big bodied teenager) Medium tail/Berry tail - +1 collecting (original idea by @ChasingNyx )/Lean tail - +1 heat resistance Normal hind legs/Speedy hind legs - +3 speed, +1 swimming White fur No pattern Dodomingo Prerequisite: All current in-game dodomingos are female A male can be made that looks like the female or completely different (either a peacock flamingo mix (will be on another post) or how @Dingorok describes it) Some dodomingo ideas originally by @Dingorok here: Obtained by: Finding fertilized dodomingo eggs in a nest and raising them for yourself to breed with the offspring (if you take them while in a dodomingo’s sight range, it will attack you) (you can take them either for 10 food points or to raise them) Once eggs are laid, the dodomingo will leave the occupied nest in search for another nest Nests with eggs cannot be used by Nichelings If with male counterpart, they mate and the dodomingo will sit on a nest for 6 days before leaving behind eggs (dodomingo takes a 2-day break before breeding again) If without, the dodomingo will sit on a nest for 6 days before leaving behind eggs (1/50 chance of occurring every time it steps in a nest) OR Creating a nest for a (if with male, pregnant) dodomingo and maintaining it for 6 days before leaving behind eggs for you willingly Raising eggs requires a creature to take the eggs and spend a day without energy (the next day after taking the eggs). The hatched eggs will give you 1-3 baby dodomingos who will follow the creature that raised them until they are adults where they will just be more in the general area (anywhere from 4-5 tiles) of that creature. If a raised dodomingo is out of range, it will take the quickest route to get back into range no matter how far away. If/when the creature who raised the dodomingo(s) dies, the range becomes permanent to the spot where the creature died. All dodomingos would be female (unless a male counterpart was added, in that case it’s 50/50 and breeding with males would be similar to bearyenas (male dodomingos will not move for the day until a successful breeding or the day passes over)) and when successfully bred with would immediately go towards the closest nest regardless of range (a female dodomingo also will not move for the day until a successful breeding or the day passes over). After having a kid, the dodomingo will return to the range. Bonus: Dodomingos will leave behind unfertilized eggs that can be taken for 5 food points (if you take them while in a dodomingo’s sight range, it will attack you) (1/10 chance of occurring every time it steps in a nest) Once eggs are layed, the dodomingo will leave to occupied nest in search for another nest Nests with eggs cannot be used by Nichelings Stat change: 2 strength (Raised dodomingos have a longer lifespan of 25 days, they spend 3 days growing up) Hybrid Genes: Bird Beak/Dodomingo Beak - +1 smelling, + 3 alluring voice (attracts predators and prey, especially sound based ones, to the area used in a radius of 3 tiles) Medium ears/Bird ears - +4 hearing, +1 cold resistance OR hear more prey and/or roots (as if worms were there) Normal eyes/Sharp-sighted (or Bird) eyes - +3 sight OR +4 sight Wing/Velvet paw/Roosting wing - +1 cold resistance, +1 heat radiation Medium body/Feather body - (I don’t have any ideas for this one) Peacock tail Normal hindlegs/Bird hindlegs - +1 fishing, +1 strength, +1 speed Stripes pattern Bluebird Obtained by: Befriending a female bluebird A female bluebird is brown and slightly bigger than a male bluebird with yellow or black eyes A female bluebird spawns randomly and is befriended by either sacrificing a baby or leaving 15 pieces of meat for it to take (prioritizes taking food/children despite anything) Once befriended, a female bluebird will kill prey and collect meat that contributes to the food counter and will no longer take your babies. If you attack a male bluebird, you will lose the female bluebird’s trust, and she will no longer be befriended nor re-befriendable. Only creatures who can reach treetops can breed with the female bluebird and can call her over via the call creatures ability (while on treetops). She will then prioritize coming over once attempted to breed with will stay in place for the rest of the day. If successfully bred with, she will prioritize finding a nest will hover over it for the rest of the day. The next day, there will be an egg in the nest that you would require heating up (done by placing to Nichelings adjacent to it or by using heat radiation) overnight for the egg to hatch the next day. If heating up is not performed after 3 days, the egg will rot/die and will take up the nest/space for the next 3 days before despawning. Female bluebird stats: 1 speed 4 strength 5 sight Lifespan - 35 days Hybrid genes: Bird Beak/Strong beak - +1 cracking, +1 strength Medium ears/Bird ears - +4 hearing, +1 cold resistance OR hear more prey and/or roots (as if worms were there) Normal eyes/Sharp-sighted (or Bird) eyes - +3 sight OR +4 sight Wing Lean body/Feather body - (I don’t have any ideas for this one) Peacock tail Bearyena hindlegs/Bird hindlegs - +1 fishing, +1 strength, +1 speed (Discussion of bird hindlegs here: https://strayfawnstudio.com/community/index.php?/topic/596-bird-hindlegs/) No pattern Crabbit Obtained by: Breeding with the elder crabbit The elder crabbit is a larger, bluer crabbit with bigger ears that spawns randomly alongside 1-3 other crabbits After 3 days out of water, it will appear dead and you will have a choice to either carry it (requires nimble fingers) or take it for 5 points if food. Taking it to the water will revive and tame it. If you do not touch the elder crabbit after 3 days, it will despawn. After being tamed, the elder crabbit will follow the creature that tames it exactly one tile behind. If it falls behind, it will take the shortest path to be right next to the creature no matter what. If the creature that tamed the elder crabbit dies before the elder crabbit, the elder crabbit will act like a regular crabbit (but will still be tamed and breedable). A tamed elder crabbit will also pick up any shells around it. Killing or attacking an elder crabbit and attempting to revive it will fail and make the elder crabbit disappear. All elder crabbits are male. Elder Crabbit Stats: 1 speed 3 sight Lifespan (Only in effect after taming) - 10 days Hybrid Genes: Medium ears/Rabbit ears - +4 hearing, +1 heat resistance Antennae/Crab Antennae - +2 smelling Gills Normal eyes/Eyestalks - +3 sight OR +2 sight Water body/Exoskeleton - +2 defense, underwater breathing (+1 heat resistance?) Claw/Pincers - +2 strength, +1 fishing, +1 cracking OR +2 strength, +1 fishing, +1 collecting Normal hind legs Swimming tail Red fur color Mask patten Arctic Ramfox Obtained by: Befriending an abandoned arctic ramfox Abandoned ramfoxes have a 1/10 (feel free to comment if this is too high or low, I haven’t encountered many arctic ramfoxes) chance of spawning with other arctic ramfoxes It will not be near the pack and will be in some other dark area, it will be slightly smaller, darker in color, and younger. It will not move as often as the pack would. It stays at least 2 tiles away from the rest of the pack. Requires 10 food to tame When tamed, the abandoned ramfox acts like a tamed bearyena yet tends to stay closer to other pack members. The ramfox can also inflict warming up as if it were another pack mate and will have a longer lifespan after being tamed of 20 days. The ramfox will now also hunt prey such as rabbils and will contribute to the food counter to prove it is useful to you. There is a 50/50 chance the abandoned ramfox is male or female. Breeding with a male is the same as a friendly bearyena. Breeding with a female will move towards the closest nest after a successful breeding and after a night on the nest, will give birth. Hybrid genes: Some gene names by @seahorsepie here: https://strayfawnstudio.com/community/index.php?/topic/964-ramfox-hybrids/ Medium ears Ram horns Big nose Normal eyes Big body/Medium body/Snow body - +1 cold resistance, +2 speed Bearyena claws/Hunting claws - +1 speed, +1 attack Bearyena hindlegs Medium tail/Big tail - +2 cold resistance, -1 heat resistance Black/White fur color or just white fur color No pattern Hemophilia Walrus Deer Obtained by: Breeding with a walrus deer Keeping a walrus deer unharmed for 30 days makes it trust you. If you attack it after being befriended, it will no longer be befriended or re-befriendable. All walrus deer are male and attempting to breed with one will stop the movement of the walrus deer until the day passes, there is a successful breeding, or it is attacked. Hybrid Genes: Medium ears Antlers/Big Antlers - +1 strength, +1 attractiveness (both sexes or only males) OR +2 strength Normal snout/Sabertooth fangs/Tusks - +1 strength, +1 cracking Big body/Blubber - +3 cold resistance, +1 swimming Runner leg/Hooves - +1 speed, +1 cracking Normal hindlegs/Hooved hindlegs - +2 speed, +1 strength, +1 swimming Swimming tail Red/White fur Stripes pattern Apes Obtained by: Taming the ultimate ape The ultimate ape is a very rare entity that spawns in with another ape on a different area on the island. When it spawns in, it makes a very distinct sound. It is the best combination of the great apes; having excellent sight, hearing, and smell; and can only be found on the deep jungle island. It’s appearance is like a mixture between the three apes. The ultimate ape will spawn as a child and will become an untamable adult after 50 days. It is only tamable as a child and requires 100 food to tame which can be separated into 10s, 20s, and 50s at a cost (alternatively, have new menu pop up for how much to give to the ape). Separating food gifts wears off 1 food point a day and each feeding (regardless of amounts) takes one point of energy. When the ultimate ape becomes a “tamed” adult, you will have to provide it with 10 food points every 10 days. The ultimate ape starts off with 10 food points when it grows up. Each feeding of 10 points is one point of energy. Feeding does stack meaning feeding it 50 food points one day lasts for 50 days. There would be a bar or icon letting you know how much longer you have. Missing feeding the ultimate ape makes it feral and untamable. You can only breed with a tamed ultimate ape when it has the age of 150 days. The ultimate ape is neutral as a child, extremely aggressive as an adult, and neutral as an adult if it was tamed and is maintained. Letting the ultimate ape grow up without taming it would be one of the hardest, if not hardest, challenges in Niche. If any creature is ever caught on its radar, it will immediately target that creature. It can be distracted by other food resources and other apes for 2-3 days. It likes to move around to make it less predictable. If creatures have distasteful appearance, distasteful scent, and strong voice, it will not attack. All ultimate apes are male and act like friendly bearyenas but also collect fruit. OR Snatch a baby ape from ape nests found in jungle trees with winged creatures by standing directly underneath the tree. The ape will be one of the three apes and will take 25 days to grow. The feeding system works the same as the ultimate ape in order to maintain trust. If you fail to feed the ape, it will become feral and untamable. The ape has all the normal stats of its wild counterpart. Bonus: I could see there being two achievements for the ultimate ape Master of Beasts - Tamed an ultimate ape for life Master Hunter - Kill the ultimate ape Ultimate Ape Stats: 6 sight 6 smell 6 hearing 4 defense 5 strength 2 collecting 2 speed Immune to poison Drops 100 food points Lifespan - 250 days Hybrid Genes: Normal eyes/Blind eyes (Smelling and Hearing Apes)/Sharp-sighted (or Bird) eyes - +3 sight OR +4 sight Big ears/Giant ears - +5 hearing, +1 heat resistance (maybe disables horn gene) Big nose/Giant nose - +4 smelling/Ape Snout (Seeing and Hearing Apes) - +1 strength, distasteful appearance Toxic body/Big body/Armored body/Toxic Armor - +2 defense, +2 strength, distasteful appearance, poison resistance, disable fur color Bearyena claw/Ape arm - +1 strength, +1 collecting, +1 cracking, +1 climbing (climb up trees instead of flying) (maybe +2 speed and/or climbing ability if both paws) Normal hindlegs Medium tail Black fur color Spots pattern I also have an idea for balance bears, but I heard there are some new bears and wanted to see those before I made some genes for them so I'll probably make a post about them later. Anyways, thanks for reading this extremely long post!
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    Hybrid Genes for Existing Entities and How to Obtain Them (from Rabbils to Apes)

    Glad to see that we agree on most things, and yea I like the idea of combining our ideas for the ape taming method. But for the fur colors, I understand the practical aspect of them, my issue is with the actual aesthetics. For example, the blue fur with the moss brown fur.
  6. Pokestardragacraft

    Hybrid Genes for Existing Entities and How to Obtain Them (from Rabbils to Apes)

    I like some of the ideas you have and appreciate the feedback! For the Ramfoxes, you’ll notice that a lot of our gene suggestions are similar, the Bearyena genes are there as currently existing gene options as mentioned in the intro. As for the hindlegs, the issue with no swimming is that the hindlegs gene is meant to allow for every creature to have at least one speed and one swimming so that you cannot have an immobile creature. It’s more obvious with speed since most creatures are land based but it still applies to the water as well. For the apes, I made it pretty hard to maintain tameability on purpose but I do like your idea for taming cool too. My only issue with the taking method is that maybe it should be a little more difficult since the genes you get from it are pretty beneficial. Either that or it could just be a very rare event but that could get annoying. I also like your take on genes like how the ears could disable the horn genes and the normal Ape Snout. However I think that +5 smelling and seeing is too much especially when you consider after much breeding that you could have creatures with all of the beneficial ape traits. Maybe if you have the Giant Nose it could disable eyesight and having Giant Eyes could disable smelling just for balance. As for the fur colors, I’m not sure how they would work since you need to consider fur colors are co-dominant and therefore will mix with the preexisting fur colors.
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    Hi you can find a similar suggestion here:
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    Does LINE WEBTOON sound familiar to you?

  9. Pokestardragacraft

    give stinky tail cold resistance

    I understand how this makes sense, but I think that if we were to get this then the medium tail should have +2 cold resistantance.
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    Does LINE WEBTOON sound familiar to you?

    Yes, hello😄? Just a warning though, I don’t read a lot of the really REALLY popular ones.
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    Share your best maps!

    Soon, patience is key...
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    Didn't Get Completed Achievements (Albinism and Adam's Curse)

    Hi, were you online when you should’ve received these achievements? You need to be online to receive achievements. You can check next time if you can bring up the Steam overlay in-game and if you can, you’ll know you’re online. Niche has always been a little glitchy with achievements, if you still have the albino creature, I recommend logging out and logging back in.
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    New Predator - Beeidow (work in progress)

    Maybe this idea can be combined with this one:
  14. Pokestardragacraft

    Can't get Perry the platypus achievement

    I’d recommend that you exit and try again later. And if you can, move your creature to another island, achievements usually work better when there are less nichelings to process.
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    Favorite Danger Noodle?

    Well a corn snake is a type of rat snake so if @Basil can edit the poll, make Rat/Corn Snake would be better for Corn Snake
  16. Pokestardragacraft

    Bush horns

    I like the idea with the modifications of the comments. I personally think that maybe -1 speed (unless you only have 1 speed) could make it a little less overpowered while still being able to grow berries.
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    quest for a nichesona!

    Presumably this one:
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    Bullhog (Savanna Creature)

    Questions: How many tiles to they move per energy point? What does “wander out of the savannah” mean? Is the food drop variable or something else?
  19. Pokestardragacraft

    Family Tree Advancements

    Yea, I saw your post on the birth/death dates, and I was thinking about where I wanted to place them on this. When I get the chance, I’ll update it with those.
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    Family Tree Advancements

    I know that there are other suggestions for family tree improvements, and here are links to all of them: https://strayfawnstudio.com/community/index.php?/topic/594-family-tree/ https://strayfawnstudio.com/community/index.php?/topic/2466-show-lifespan-in-family-tree-view/ https://strayfawnstudio.com/community/index.php?/topic/2486-show-islands-in-family-tree/ https://strayfawnstudio.com/community/index.php?/topic/2512-static-family-tree/ https://strayfawnstudio.com/community/index.php?/topic/2537-highlight-compatible-immunity-in-family-tree/ This idea contains all of them and more here in this picture (no I did not make it compatible with my creature creator on purpose *cough cough*): So starting at the top, we have the static button. For more information, you can view to original link, but the reset button is my idea. When creatures are erased from the family tree, the family tree leaves their space open and with the static feature, this can get annoying for some. The reset button allows for your family tree to reset as if you exited the game and came back so everything is in an orderly fashion. Next, there are the "P" and "G" buttons. The buttons stand for phenotype and genotype which lets you toggle what you can see. In this picture, the genotype button is deactivated which means you can no longer see the genotype both in and out of the family tree. Below that, there's a lifespan bar. The lifespan bar tells you exactly what you think it tells you. You can hover over it for the same information you would get from hovering over it outside of the family tree. If the creature is dead like the one above, you will still be able to see their lifespan bar along with any damage they had when they died. You will also either be able to see how many days they have left or their cause of death depending on if they are still alive or not. The numbers on the left side of the screen are blocks for both the endless family tree idea and the island family tree idea. The blocks can either be automatic and save all creatures for a set number of generations (which can be by island if you choose to do so) or be set up for you to save your current family tree at any time. In the case of the automatic saves, a notification will let you know when you have filled all of your slots and ask you if you want to overwrite your top block for the next slot. At the bottom of the screen, you will notice two gene filters. The top filter will filter in blue whilst the bottom filter will filter in yellow. You may notice that there are no creatures that are yellow, but there are instead green creatures. This is because the two filters will work together meaning that if a creature has both traits, then the creature will appear green rather than yellow or blue. You may also notice that some creatures are a lighter shade of blue than normal and that the bottom green is also different than the rest. This is because the lighter shade of blue represents creatures who are homozygous for the trait in order to distinguish between heterozygous creatures. The different green reflects this as that is the only creature that is homozygous in both traits. A more subtle difference is that on the family tree itself is that creatures are outlined in different colors. There are five different colors: black, white, green, yellow, and red. Black represents that the creature is dead. White represents that the creature is alive. Green represents that the creature is compatible based on immunity and is toggleable via the button in the bottom right-hand corner of the tree (when clicked on again, it will turn gray and will not show any green, yellow, or red outlines) (after-thought, maybe clicking on the button again will show yellow and red outlines for one compatible gene and no compatible genes. Let me know if you think this should be all in one or if they should be separated out). Note that the black and white outlines are only present when the gene filter is being used due to there being no way of telling who is alive or dead when it is currently being used. Also note that only creatures of the opposite sex to the selected creature will have green, yellow, and red outlines. You will also notice a small lifespan bar above each creature as well as three dots to represent gems. The small lifespan bar will appear exactly how it appears in-game currently. The gem dots will change colors according to what they are set to as well. Finally, I propose some new filters: There are now three new icons: a creature, a clock, and a DNA icon. The creature will show the ages of creatures. The clock will show how much time a creature has left. (Sorry for the creature and clock icons, I didn't have any ideas for what they should be.) Below I will explain the DNA icon in more detail: As you can see, it is found under the attributes filter with a different color. The different coloration indicates that it does not show numbers but rather letters. You will see two O's for this creature representing offspring and a "P" for partner. Other letter codes include "F" for father, "M" for mother, "A" for aunt, "U" for uncle, "S" for sibling, "H" for half-sibling, "C" for 1st cousin, and "N" for niece or nephew. Everyone who is not related in these ways will not have a letter and will remain a face. This creature was a wanderer, so she does not have much.
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    Name List

    You can also find more names over here:
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    The Jungle Trees??

    I believe you can only perch on the small side branches that only some jungle trees have but not the top of the tree itself.
  23. Pokestardragacraft

    Better underwater worlds

    Hi this is an old forum post for the first community voting. I recommend looking at the current active feature request forum. Here are similar posts on the active forum if you want to contribute your ideas to them:
  24. Pokestardragacraft

    New Tails

    These are actually old posts for the first community voting, this is the post where those tails actually originated.
  25. Pokestardragacraft

    Crab Claw

    Interesting take on the crab claw being specific for crabbits, but if that’s the case I think I would only pair that ability with +2 strength. Other takes on crab claws can be found here: