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    Family Tree Advancements

    I know that there are other suggestions for family tree improvements, and here are links to all of them: https://strayfawnstudio.com/community/index.php?/topic/594-family-tree/ https://strayfawnstudio.com/community/index.php?/topic/2466-show-lifespan-in-family-tree-view/ https://strayfawnstudio.com/community/index.php?/topic/2486-show-islands-in-family-tree/ https://strayfawnstudio.com/community/index.php?/topic/2512-static-family-tree/ https://strayfawnstudio.com/community/index.php?/topic/2537-highlight-compatible-immunity-in-family-tree/ This idea contains all of them and more here in this picture (no I did not make it compatible with my creature creator on purpose *cough cough*): So starting at the top, we have the static button. For more information, you can view to original link, but the reset button is my idea. When creatures are erased from the family tree, the family tree leaves their space open and with the static feature, this can get annoying for some. The reset button allows for your family tree to reset as if you exited the game and came back so everything is in an orderly fashion. Next, there are the "P" and "G" buttons. The buttons stand for phenotype and genotype which lets you toggle what you can see. In this picture, the genotype button is deactivated which means you can no longer see the genotype both in and out of the family tree. Below that, there's a lifespan bar. The lifespan bar tells you exactly what you think it tells you. You can hover over it for the same information you would get from hovering over it outside of the family tree. If the creature is dead like the one above, you will still be able to see their lifespan bar along with any damage they had when they died. You will also either be able to see how many days they have left or their cause of death depending on if they are still alive or not. The numbers on the left side of the screen are blocks for both the endless family tree idea and the island family tree idea. The blocks can either be automatic and save all creatures for a set number of generations (which can be by island if you choose to do so) or be set up for you to save your current family tree at any time. In the case of the automatic saves, a notification will let you know when you have filled all of your slots and ask you if you want to overwrite your top block for the next slot. At the bottom of the screen, you will notice two gene filters. The top filter will filter in blue whilst the bottom filter will filter in yellow. You may notice that there are no creatures that are yellow, but there are instead green creatures. This is because the two filters will work together meaning that if a creature has both traits, then the creature will appear green rather than yellow or blue. You may also notice that some creatures are a lighter shade of blue than normal and that the bottom green is also different than the rest. This is because the lighter shade of blue represents creatures who are homozygous for the trait in order to distinguish between heterozygous creatures. The different green reflects this as that is the only creature that is homozygous in both traits. A more subtle difference is that on the family tree itself is that creatures are outlined in different colors. There are five different colors: black, white, green, yellow, and red. Black represents that the creature is dead. White represents that the creature is alive. Green represents that the creature is compatible based on immunity and is toggleable via the button in the bottom right-hand corner of the tree (when clicked on again, it will turn gray and will not show any green, yellow, or red outlines) (after-thought, maybe clicking on the button again will show yellow and red outlines for one compatible gene and no compatible genes. Let me know if you think this should be all in one or if they should be separated out). Note that the black and white outlines are only present when the gene filter is being used due to there being no way of telling who is alive or dead when it is currently being used. Also note that only creatures of the opposite sex to the selected creature will have green, yellow, and red outlines. You will also notice a small lifespan bar above each creature as well as three dots to represent gems. The small lifespan bar will appear exactly how it appears in-game currently. The gem dots will change colors according to what they are set to as well. Finally, I propose some new filters: There are now three new icons: a creature, a clock, and a DNA icon. The creature will show the ages of creatures. The clock will show how much time a creature has left. (Sorry for the creature and clock icons, I didn't have any ideas for what they should be.) Below I will explain the DNA icon in more detail: As you can see, it is found under the attributes filter with a different color. The different coloration indicates that it does not show numbers but rather letters. You will see two O's for this creature representing offspring and a "P" for partner. Other letter codes include "F" for father, "M" for mother, "A" for aunt, "U" for uncle, "S" for sibling, "H" for half-sibling, "C" for 1st cousin, and "N" for niece or nephew. Everyone who is not related in these ways will not have a letter and will remain a face. This creature was a wanderer, so she does not have much.
  2. Pokestardragacraft

    World-Wide Immunity

    I’m kinda confused as you can’t get home island immunity from anywhere but Adam, his family, or a resteted bloodline on story mode. I get the point that it’s super rare, just not the analogy for how rare. Anyways, I think this concept would work best with the more sandbox options. It would be a toggleable option for those who don’t want to worry about sickness or immunity and would replace all immunity genes with the world wide immunity gene. Also if it’s not like the way I proposed, I think it shouldn’t let you be immune to doubled up immunity making it more of a challenge to keep.
  3. Pokestardragacraft


    I like your concept for ants! They work similarly/well with these posts too: https://strayfawnstudio.com/community/index.php?/topic/775-insectivorous-nichelings/ https://strayfawnstudio.com/community/index.php?/topic/815-insect-island/ https://strayfawnstudio.com/community/index.php?/topic/616-gene-suggestion-prehensile-tongue/
  4. Pokestardragacraft

    Family Tree Advancements

    Thanks for the suggestions @Skysplash8! I loved the ideas you gave, so I just updated the post to include your suggestions as well!
  5. Pokestardragacraft

    Family Tree Advancements

    Thanks! That’s something I’ve actually considered myself as well and not just for wanderers but for adopted children and siblings. I just didn’t know how I wanted to add that cleanly into the tree without disturbing something you didn’t mean to do. I’m open to ideas though!
  6. Pokestardragacraft

    Butterfly Body

    I love the new pictures and the thought out way for the colors! My favorite is between the white one and the gray one. Also since melanism doesn’t disable eye color, would that affect anything? Edit: Wasn’t sure, but I just checked and melanism doesn’t disable horn color either.
  7. Pokestardragacraft

    Butterfly Body

  8. Pokestardragacraft

    More nest types

    This is a really cool idea! I wanted to add something to this too. Maybe hovering over the nesting material let’s you see how much of each type of material you have. Nests will match the biome if you have enough material and if you don’t, nests will be made out of the material you have the most of. There would also be a customization button say if you want to mix materials for a custom nest.
  9. Pokestardragacraft

    Ice! ​❄️(and lemmuings) 🐧

    Totally upvoted this idea! But I have a few questions. For moving across the ice, what if you wanted to walk to a tile that supports your weight, but in between that tile and your currrent location there is a tile that doesn’t support your weight? Wouldn’t that mean you would fall down before you get to your wanted spot? Also, if you always slide, say you your Nicheling on a tile so you click on the tile before. The tile before does not support your creature’s weight, so would you fall down? Can you place nests on ice, and if so how would that work with weight? Can predators walk on ice, can they fall through?
  10. Pokestardragacraft

    Butterfly Body

    Oh, @Niche fan‘s comment on delicacy made me think of another question: Would they work in rain? In my opinion, they shouldn’t and they shouldn’t work after the rain for 1-2 days unless your Nicheling was under a tree.
  11. Pokestardragacraft

    Cave Island?

    We already have cave suggestions here: https://strayfawnstudio.com/community/index.php?/topic/1369-cave-island/ https://strayfawnstudio.com/community/index.php?/topic/1376-caves-or-burrows/
  12. Pokestardragacraft

    Family Tree Advancements

    Ah, thanks @DogCatCowPig! Being detailed is truly the common thread between my suggestions 😄. Anyways, I’m probably too late for this community voting, but seeing as we currently don’t know how a potential next voting will work with the current unimplemented suggestions, I’m hoping the devs will just carry the current feature request forum on so this can get more attention for next time 😃.
  13. Pokestardragacraft

    Blind Eyes

    So, I voted limited movement but let me explain my perspective in more detail. I think that blind creatures should have full access to do anything in smell and hearing modes as that is all they’ve ever known and would make the added smelling and hearing more useful. However for normal-eyesighted creatures, they are much more dependent on sight so they should not be able to do as much during these modes as blind creatures.
  14. Pokestardragacraft

    Advanced eye color!

    I think that if this were either with the heterochromia trait (like I suggested) or its own gene, then there should be two alleles. Allele one would be dominant eye color with recessive bits, and allele two would be recessive eye color with dominant bits. Heterochromia would be more dominant over allele one, and allele one would be more dominant than allele two. It would work how albinism and melanism currently works as in you can only find it from wanderers and it’s not in the mutation menu. However, it should be rarer than both similarly to immunity gene J.
  15. Pokestardragacraft

    Snowshoe hindlegs

    We already have snowshoe legs here: https://strayfawnstudio.com/community/index.php?/topic/2344-walking-on-snow-new-prey/
  16. Pokestardragacraft

    Highlight compatible immunity in family tree

    Oh, thanks! I’ll still post it when I’m done and I’ll give you credit too since you were the first to post!
  17. Pokestardragacraft

    Highlight compatible immunity in family tree

    Gosh darn, beat me to it. Look I’m working on it right now in fact: Edit: And here’s the final! https://strayfawnstudio.com/community/index.php?/topic/2541-family-tree-advancements/
  18. Pokestardragacraft

    Balance Bear Hybirds

    Hi @HighlyIllogical! As the person who made the post for hybrids for rabbils to apes, I’m totally up for more hybrids. I just wanted to let you know that the entity’s stats don’t need to match the genes you make. Take a look at the bearyena genes as an example, a creature with all the bearyena genes has 11 strength and 1 movement while a bearyena has 2 strength and 2 movement. Also, I’m not sure if the pattern would be a good fit with the way they’re generated. I think just a normal spots gene would be ok.
  19. Pokestardragacraft

    Health Bars + Expanded Entity Display

    If you've been playing Niche for a while, you probably never thought about being able to hit a rabbil with one strength but need two for a one-hit-kill or that an ape moves twice at night while a walrus deer moves every turn. For new Niche players and old ones that may need a reminder, I am proposing that there's a health bar for entities that do not have a lifespan and expanding on the details for those that already have one. This would also be useful for keeping track of multiple of the same creature for both role-playing and functional purposes. I have a few examples with pictures and I'll describe some more. First, a health bar for a bluebird: The three icons on the top represent personal information (health bar creatures only), primary role to you, and current activity. For the bluebird, the first icon lets you know how long this bluebird has been around and an estimated time of leaving. The second icon indicates that the bluebird is primarily a predator. The third icon indicates that the bluebird is flying around. The third icon for the bluebird can also be "targeting" (focused on a specific meal, either meat or baby nicheling), "hungry" (in search of food), and "satisfied" (has just eaten, more likely to leave). Next, a health bar for a rabbil: The three icons are representative of the same things as the bluebird. The first icon tells you how long this rabbil has been around. The second icon indicates that the rabbil is primarily prey. The third icon indicates that the rabbil is currently hungry and is searching for food. The third icon for the rabbil can also be "eating", "resting" (is not moving), and "wandering" (is not after anything specific, just around). You can also see that on the health bar that this particular rabbil has been hit once; this allows you to know which rabbil this is. Also, a complex health bar for a crabbit: The first icon is the same as a rabbil's second icon. The second icon indicates that this creature is focused on a certain creature and will potential follow that creature. The second icon for the crabbit can also be "eating", “wandering”, “hungry”, "resting", and "very focused" (where the crabbit locks its eyes on one creature despite being hit from behind). You'll also notice that the crabbit has both a lifespan and health bar and that the damage is where the lifespan is. This is because from my experience, I have realized that crabbits have a set lifespan of 6-8 days (it's been a while since I tested) and can be attacked. However unlike most entities in Niche, crabbits' lifespan and health work independently. Some other comments I wanted to make about what other entities could have in terms of information are stagmoles having one health and one defense (and also having the current activity of “hiding” which gives you an estimate of when the stagmole will come out of its hole), carnivorous plants having a health bar that does not show how much health it has until it is either opened or taking a nicheling (when it has a nicheling, clicking on that nicheling twice brings up the carnivorous plant's stats), and fish swarms will also show how many fish they have in each swarm via the "Food worth" section (they also have the current activity of "breeding" where they are increasing their numbers). Another side note is that entities that move every day instead of every turn also tell you how much energy they have. For example, the apes have 2 energy as they perform two actions after the day is passed.
  20. Pokestardragacraft

    Static Family Tree

    @Fishyfishyfishy500 I don’t think that’s what the suggestion is proposing. Labeling the island of origin is something that relates more to suggestions wanting extended family trees. This suggestion is requesting that when you move creatures around on the family tree, they don’t move when you exit out and come back.
  21. Pokestardragacraft

    The three great apes

    Well, the max amount I’ve heard of is 4, but that’s pretty rare. I would prepare for about 2, and when you are on the island, there are only as many apes as there are ape trees. Ape trees are the jungle trees that you can hit for acorns.
  22. Pokestardragacraft

    endeless family tree

    Hi, this topic already exists here:
  23. Pokestardragacraft

    Flop ears

    Hi, welcome to the forums! I think a similar idea exists here:
  24. Pokestardragacraft

    How do I know if the game is updated?

    No problem! 😃
  25. Pokestardragacraft

    How do I know if the game is updated?

    @CarmenA Since the game is out of the release preview and the update is on its main branch, you need to go back to the main branch. The main branch is just the top option, or the one where you opt out of the betas since you no longer want to be in the betas.