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    Bunny breeding and random tribes?

    Well, for the hybrids: And for the tribes, here are some similar ideas:
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    Family Tree Advancements

    I know that there are other suggestions for family tree improvements, and here are links to all of them: https://strayfawnstudio.com/community/index.php?/topic/594-family-tree/ https://strayfawnstudio.com/community/index.php?/topic/2466-show-lifespan-in-family-tree-view/ https://strayfawnstudio.com/community/index.php?/topic/2486-show-islands-in-family-tree/ https://strayfawnstudio.com/community/index.php?/topic/2512-static-family-tree/ https://strayfawnstudio.com/community/index.php?/topic/2537-highlight-compatible-immunity-in-family-tree/ This idea contains all of them and more here in this picture (no I did not make it compatible with my creature creator on purpose *cough cough*): So starting at the top, we have the static button. For more information, you can view to original link, but the reset button is my idea. When creatures are erased from the family tree, the family tree leaves their space open and with the static feature, this can get annoying for some. The reset button allows for your family tree to reset as if you exited the game and came back so everything is in an orderly fashion. Next, there are the "P" and "G" buttons. The buttons stand for phenotype and genotype which lets you toggle what you can see. In this picture, the genotype button is deactivated which means you can no longer see the genotype both in and out of the family tree. Below that, there's a lifespan bar. The lifespan bar tells you exactly what you think it tells you. You can hover over it for the same information you would get from hovering over it outside of the family tree. If the creature is dead like the one above, you will still be able to see their lifespan bar along with any damage they had when they died. You will also either be able to see how many days they have left or their cause of death depending on if they are still alive or not. The numbers on the left side of the screen are blocks for both the endless family tree idea and the island family tree idea. The blocks can either be automatic and save all creatures for a set number of generations (which can be by island if you choose to do so) or be set up for you to save your current family tree at any time. In the case of the automatic saves, a notification will let you know when you have filled all of your slots and ask you if you want to overwrite your top block for the next slot. At the bottom of the screen, you will notice two gene filters. The top filter will filter in blue whilst the bottom filter will filter in yellow. You may notice that there are no creatures that are yellow, but there are instead green creatures. This is because the two filters will work together meaning that if a creature has both traits, then the creature will appear green rather than yellow or blue. You may also notice that some creatures are a lighter shade of blue than normal and that the bottom green is also different than the rest. This is because the lighter shade of blue represents creatures who are homozygous for the trait in order to distinguish between heterozygous creatures. The different green reflects this as that is the only creature that is homozygous in both traits. A more subtle difference is that on the family tree itself is that creatures are outlined in different colors. There are five different colors: black, white, green, yellow, and red. Black represents that the creature is dead. White represents that the creature is alive. Green represents that the creature is compatible based on immunity and is toggleable via the button in the bottom right-hand corner of the tree (when clicked on again, it will turn gray and will not show any green, yellow, or red outlines) (after-thought, maybe clicking on the button again will show yellow and red outlines for one compatible gene and no compatible genes. Let me know if you think this should be all in one or if they should be separated out). Note that the black and white outlines are only present when the gene filter is being used due to there being no way of telling who is alive or dead when it is currently being used. Also note that only creatures of the opposite sex to the selected creature will have green, yellow, and red outlines. You will also notice a small lifespan bar above each creature as well as three dots to represent gems. The small lifespan bar will appear exactly how it appears in-game currently. The gem dots will change colors according to what they are set to as well. Finally, I propose some new filters: There are now three new icons: a creature, a clock, and a DNA icon. The creature will show the ages of creatures. The clock will show how much time a creature has left. (Sorry for the creature and clock icons, I didn't have any ideas for what they should be.) Below I will explain the DNA icon in more detail: As you can see, it is found under the attributes filter with a different color. The different coloration indicates that it does not show numbers but rather letters. You will see two O's for this creature representing offspring and a "P" for partner. Other letter codes include "F" for father, "M" for mother, "A" for aunt, "U" for uncle, "S" for sibling, "H" for half-sibling, "C" for 1st cousin, and "N" for niece or nephew. Everyone who is not related in these ways will not have a letter and will remain a face. This creature was a wanderer, so she does not have much.
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    Endless family tree

    Hi, welcome to the forums! There is already a similar suggestion here:
  4. Pokestardragacraft

    New Hybrid Nichlings

    Hi there are already a similar suggestions here: Also welcome to the forums!
  5. Pokestardragacraft

    Suggestions. Ideas!

    Nah, I think you should leave it here due to the formatting of it.
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    I can't believe some people think the Earth is flat.

    You know, Christopher Columbus actually thought this is how the Earth was shaped. Including the stem.
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    Permanent Nest Variations

    I like the idea! I think it would go well with this one too:
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    different manes for male nichelings

    I like the idea! There’s a similar idea here: https://strayfawnstudio.com/community/index.php?/topic/955-mane-types-🦁/ But there aren’t any curly or messy variants.
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    Is there a way to limit 'unread content'?

    Well I’m not sure about unread content, you can definitely narrow it down on the search page by selecting your content type to topics and then selecting the forum you want to search in.
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    Prehistoric Wings?

    No problem 😃
  11. Pokestardragacraft

    Prehistoric Wings?

    This isn’t a bug, wings are considered a prehistoric gene in Niche.
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    Concept Art

    I know this isn't really a suggestion, but I think this is the best place to put this. This is basically the ultimate sandbox mode where it has suggestions that I took from others, suggestions I made myself, and suggestions that I thought of first but then someone posted about it. I do not think that all of this will be implemented; I just thought it would be best to just create the ultimate ideal instead of something with less. Also because of where I got the suggestions, anyone is free to separate any of my suggestions into their own post because I don't remember/know which ones are which anymore. For upvoting and comments, I'm thinking if you just like the format or not rather than everything. I also wanted to mention that I have not finished all of the concept art I wanted to make, but I felt bad about teasing this for a really long time and not posting it because I got really busy and haven't had time to work on it, so I will most definitely update this later (how much later, I don't know). Without further ado, here it is: This is the new page that will appear when Sandbox mode is clicked (the buttons on this page are subject to change due to some pages not being fully thought out yet) (also I know that it says arcade mode and that's because I thought that have "challenges" would be arcade mode exclusive, but there is now a suggestion for that so I'll fix that later): I think that these categories are best to fit all of the suggestions I've seen and will go more in-depth with each one when I get to them. You'll notice a difficulty meter in the upper right-hand corner which will shift depending on your options or due to combinations of your options. Also in the bottom right-hand corner, there is a "Save Challenge" button which is meant to give you a code to send to other players. Now I will start with "Starting Island" and go down from there: This is just a standard selection and is pretty self-explanatory. However, you will notice there are two other buttons not usually found on this screen: "Custom Islands" and "Randomize". For the "Custom Islands" button, you will be able to create your own islands, play on previously made islands, or import islands. Selecting a previously made/imported island will look like this: Creating islands can be very versatile. You can make a specific island with specific placements for objects like trees and rocks, or you can make it more general like having three burrows spawn somewhere on the island. I believe the rest is self-explanatory. Next is the "Randomize" button: I think that this one is pretty self-explanatory as well. The next category is the "Mutation Menu" button: Here is a menu of all the genes in the game, not just the ones in the mutation menu. This allows one to add more genes to the mutation menu if they so desire. The green buttons seem pretty self-explanatory besides the "Custom" button. The "Custom" button allows you to edit the unlockablility of the genes meaning if you wanted to change the unlockability requirement for round ears to "discover all islands", you could. The color code may seem complicated, but you only need to focus on the top row. Clicking on any of the colors at the bottom themselves will allow you to either select or deselect all of the genes in that category. Double-clicking the colors on the top row in edit mode will allow you to change the status of those genes. The next category is "Starting Creatures": Here you can select the amount and specific creatures you want for your save file. In the future, I will add a random amount button to the "# of Creatures" button. For the "Specific Creatures" button, you can, well, pick specific creatures. You can create the creatures through a simplified version of my creature creator that only involves the ability to make one-off creatures. It currently isn't there, but in the future I will add a "Random" gene that allows you to have random aspects of your starting creatures. Next is the "Entity Factors" button: Here you can customize your wildlife. Spawn rate involves another screen that has a master spawn rate along with custom spawn rates for specific islands and island levels. Stats involve what you can typically see on entities such as strength, speed, collecting, etc. Extra involves anything from diet to fear to movement type. At the bottom of this page, there would also be a custom button. In the custom button, you can use one of the pre-existing entities as a base for a new creature that could involve simple color palette differences, size differences, and part editing. An example of part editing would be like making a balance bear have slightly longer and larger claws. Unfortunately, this is the last picture I have, but I will continue to explain the rest of the buttons. The next category is "Environmental Factors". This section includes weather, plant life, starting food, and starting nesting material. The weather section would include a button for where, how often it would occur, and effects. The plant life section would include where, how often it would occur, effects, food provided, and respawn rate. The final factor category is "Nicheling Factors". This section is about your creatures themselves and includes everything from lifespan (overall length and life stage length), food expendability, amount of energy, energy regained, dietary restrictions, sickness, population size (which could include island proportionality), and genes (which includes amount of mutations, hiding certain genes, gene dominance, and immunity genes (amount and importance). Next is "In-game Toggles". This section is the most arbitrary as it acts as either an easy way out of mistakes made whilst in this menu or to sustain evidence of completion. What I mean by that is that this section either says you are allowed to change such qualities after the save file is made or not. Subjects that you are able to allow to change include being able to show genotype, gene unlockability, conditions, mutations, sickness, notifications, population size, and gene existence and rarity. The final section is "Challenges". Here you can create custom conditions that can be more harshly reinforced in-game. So the game would give you tasks to complete with genes which could be either continuous or one-offs. ex: have only yellow eyes in your pack You would also have the ability to customize what types of challenges, time limits, predators, disease, pack size, etc. The types of challenges you could have could be “Create a Creature” where you make a specific creature (which could vary in how specific), “Dominant Trait” where you make one or more traits be prevalent in all of your creatures (which could extend into phenotype or genotype), “Natural Selection” where you try to eliminate one or more traits from your pack (which could be paired up with other challenges and be ongoing meaning you can never have that trait in your pack), etc. There would also be an option for lives as in how many times you can fail objectives. You would also have a code to send challenges to send to other Niche players. The code could be set up as just a long number sequence where each number represents a stat. In the code, you might even be able to get really specific like the exact challenges you get. ex. 050003 (followed by more 0s) would represent 5 challenged by the first two digits, an infinite time limit represented by the third and fourth digits, the starting island would be the grass adventure island represented by the last two digits, etc. (If there’s a better and shorter way to do this, then I’m game as well) The game mode will end once all objectives are met, are failed to be met, all creatures are dead, or all lives are lost. If you have lost, there’s also the option to view the island. All creatures would have no energy and you couldn’t pass the day. It’s purely there for you to view your failed tribe and send it to others if you’d like. So, that's that I guess. Please feel free to comment below if anything else needs to be clarified or whatever else. I most likely have an explanation, I just forgot to include it. I'd be happy to explain whatever!
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    First impressions of Niche?

    I had to do a project a few years ago about my future job that required an interactive component. I want to be a genetic engineer, so I was trying to find a video game that involved genetics and I stumbled upon the Niche Kickstarter. I was disappointed that the game wouldn’t be out in time for my presentation so I left it. Later, I was recommended a Niche youtube video and soon after found Jessimew and fell in love with the game. I’ve always loved genetics and video games so Niche was the perfect game for me!
  14. Pokestardragacraft


    @Geonovast Star is talking about Niche or Nimbatus since Stray Fawn Studio has made/is making these two games.
  15. Pokestardragacraft


    Oh yeah, Halloween one of my absolute favorite holidays! I’m going as Specimen 6 from Spooky’s Jumpscare Mansion this year. Here’s a picture of Specimen 6:
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    Why can you not see dead nicheling parents?

    Yea, what you and @RandomWanderer said about the messiness is definitely true. But for now we can still at least discuss family tree issues and potential improvements. This is my modification of the family tree which includes other suggestions for it: https://strayfawnstudio.com/community/index.php?/topic/2541-family-tree-advancements/
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    Gene dominance on yellow and purple eyes

    I always thought this was normal. It could easily be a bug, but I always thought of it as the genes being of the same dominance level. This way the actual gene presented would be random.
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    I think I may have found another bug...

    Oh, I don’t believe that’s a bug then. You only see certain genes in the gene filter after having a creature with that trait in that safe file. The devs will correct me if I’m wrong, but I always thought this was just a part of the game.
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    I think I may have found another bug...

    I don’t understand what the bugs are. Could you explain?
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    You know you play too much Niche when...

    Lemme try one, ahem: When you complement your friend’s shirt by saying, “you have a pretty fur color/pattern.”
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    Name Generator

    If you ever wanted to generate the default names Niche gives you, this is for you! There are instructions on the page on how to use it. You can also create new Niche like names if you'd like, and you can also find instructions on how to do that on the page. Here's the link: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Y_g0rmUQFI6NS6SDZoER7fH91bvcSC60R4jTHsKl5z8/edit?usp=sharing If you want to just pick random names from a list, there's a way to that too but you can't do it on that page and you should let me know if you want help with that.
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    New Syllables

    Hey, I made this so people can test out syllables for names to see what would fit best: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Y_g0rmUQFI6NS6SDZoER7fH91bvcSC60R4jTHsKl5z8/edit?usp=sharing
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    Greater variety of names

    Hey, I made this so people can test out syllables for names to see what would fit best: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Y_g0rmUQFI6NS6SDZoER7fH91bvcSC60R4jTHsKl5z8/edit?usp=sharing
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    Mushrooms! ​🍄

    Oh, also can you walk on tiles with mushrooms?
  25. Pokestardragacraft

    Mushrooms! ​🍄

    I like the idea! I have a couple of questions though; if you have mushrooms that can be in clusters and you don’t collect them right away, will more mushrooms grow in that spot and maybe spread to other spots? Also, when there are clusters, is picking them up based on collecting skills?