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  1. Hey hey hey it’s ok guys, I’m back!
  2. Hey everyone!!! Been a while but I’m happy to be back! A lots happened in the years I was gone but I hope I can just jump back in like old times! And hey, I never got to make one of these in the first place so I guess now’s my time. I hope to reclaim my position as feature requests master in the Niche forum for all of you who remember me!
  3. I’ve seen some people say that Razorahnas are a mix between Razor fish and Piranha before.
  4. I understand those who want to balance their genes by lowering stats but subtracting from speed has always seemed like an iffy one because you want your creatures to have at least 1 speed. Of course you could say it’s reduced until you get to 1 speed but I dunno there’s just something I don’t like about too much reduction to speed.
  5. Well, I would recommend at least going to leave a comment on the other suggestion with your input.
  6. Hi, a similar suggestion can be found here:
  7. Feel free to post suggestions here: https://strayfawnstudio.com/community/index.php?/forum/15-feature-requests/ I'd be happy to see them!
  8. Haha thanks, technically never left just back to posting feature requests!
  9. Pouches can also be found in all of these suggestions:
  10. A similar suggestion can be found here: By the way, venom currently does not stack, I’ve been trying to think of ways for it to stack but the idea isn’t quite finalized yet.
  11. Thanks for the info! Also I was well aware about the differences between your post and the following posts I just thought that I might as well bring them up for people who were thinking about the other kind of more nests.
  12. Hi, there are already similar suggestions here:
  13. I like the idea! Although I have a couple of questions: Would it only be able to be built on shores considering it’s mechanics? How would the added stats of the hole next work? Also here are some other nest suggestions:
  14. God, I’ve thought about this for my concept art post, I should definitely try and find the time to work on that again.
  15. Hi, I’d say that these fit better in the feature requests forum rather than the customization options forum. Also please be sure to separate your ideas so people can vote for them separately. As for your ideas themselves, I feel like the usage of crystals seems beyond nicheling capability but I’d like to have decorative crystals I’d cave biomes ever become a thing like in these posts: For reptile genes, I’d point you here: Climbing: And as for the dragon traits, it seems like you’ve already suggested them before so I’d suggest editing that post. I think that breaths could potentially work but they’d definitely need to be balanced well like with cool downs and range. And dragon snouts should have less than +4 smelling especially if they have breaths since that’s higher than any snout currently. I’d think you’d be interested in the post considering the breaths as well:
  16. This is because even though you placed them in the recessive spots, the other allele is still more dominant. Big body is more dominant than heat body and therefore shows, same with webbed hibdlegs and normal hindlegs.
  17. Yep, and these are similar as well:
  18. Similar to my issue with a heterochromia gene, there are many pattern suggestions that I feel like should be combined into the same gene slot rather than having only two alleles for a gene slot. Thanks to this post for the inspiration: First would be your standard "Normal Pattern" allele which would not affect the normal pattern gene presentation. Next would be the "Aging Pattern", "Childhood Pattern", and "Adult Pattern" alleles. The "Aging Pattern" would change throughout a nichelings life where in the baby and child stages, the nicheling would have little to no patterns if the nicheling is supposed to have patterns. In the teen stage, the nicheling would have faint patterns. In the adult stage, the nicheling would have normal pattern presentation and finally in the last 1/5 or so of the nicheling's adult stage, patterns would become either darker or lighter and more imperfect. The "Childhood Pattern" would have the pattern and its benefits only be present during the nicheling's baby, child, and teen stages before it starts to fade in the teen stage and disappears in the adult stage. The "Adult Pattern" would be the foil to the "Childhood Pattern" where the nicheling wouldn't have patterns during the baby, child, and teen stages until it starts to develop into the adult stage where the benefits would only be activated. After the age-based alleles would be the amount of pattern that would be shown. These are the "Heavy Presentation" and "Light Presentation" alleles where the "Heavy Presentation" allele shows darker and more vibrant patterns and the "Light Presentation" allele shows a more faded pattern. Next would be the "Countershading" allele which would cause the creature's pattern and fur color to be darker on the back of the nicheling and lighter on the front of the nicheling and could increase camoflauge. After that would be "Tricoloration" which I will leave to the posts it's inspired by to explain. Finally, one of my personal favorites is "Bioluminescence" which would cause the pattern to glow. The dominance of this trait works slightly differently in order to make it work like the original post's idea. If a creature has a "Normal Pattern" allele and a "Bioluminescence" allele, the trait will make the normally presented pattern color glow. If a creature has two "Bioluminescence" alleles, then it would glow in a random, bright color like toxic body. The "Bioluminescence" allele also could work as an allele for the pre-existing pattern allele but this would prevent certain pattern colors from being able to glow. So the dominance would be Normal Pattern > Aging Pattern > Childhood Pattern > Adult Pattern > Heavy Presentation > Light Presentation > Countershading > Tricoloration > Bioluminescence* I might make concept art soon, so if you have any ideas for how you think these alleles should look in the genotype, lemme know! Here are posts that these alleles were inspired by:
  19. Alright, I'm finally back to it! This is an idea that I've kinda mentioned around in other posts, but I think that it's finally time to make it its own post. Many people are in support of the popular heterochromia gene, but I think it would be a waste to have a gene slot created only for heterochromia. This is where my idea comes in, the gene slot for heterochromia would have several other alleles that I'm about to propose as well. I would say that all of these genes would normally not be accessible through the mutation menu, but lemme know what you guys think. First, the most dominant allele would be the "Normal Eye Color" allele. It's exactly what it sounds like, the creature will present what it's normal eye color would be. For example, if a creature has a black eye color allele and a blue eye color allele, the creature will present the black eye color because the black eye color allele is more dominant than the blue eye color allele. This is the only allele I think you would be able to find in the mutation menu similar to no melanism and no albinism, and it would automatically be unlocked. After the standard allele, there would be the "More Melanin" and "Less Melanin" alleles. These are pretty standard and would either make the normally presented eye color darker or lighter respectively. Having blue eyes and the "Less Melanin" allele could create gray eyes for those who want that. The next most dominant would be the "Mixed Eye Color" allele. The primary inspiration for this allele is from hazel eyes which are generally considered a mix between brown and green. With this allele present, the nicheling will display the primary eye color alleles with incomplete dominance which basically just means that the two will present mixed. If a creature is homozygous for their primary eye color, then this allele would not present any differently than if the creature had the "Normal Eye Color" allele. (Side note: I wasn’t sure if the “More Melanin” allele was necessary seeing as it can also be achieved through having the “Mixed Eye Color” allele and a black eye color allele. Lemme know if you think I should keep it as two ways to get the same outcome or if there’s anyway you think I could differentiate them.) Next would be the heterochromia alleles. I would like to propose both "Dominant Heterochromia" and "Recessive Heterochromia" alleles where the "Dominant Heterochromia" would have the dominant eye color on the right and the recessive eye color on the left and the "Recessive Heterochromia" would be vice versa. The only reason for the two different alleles would just to have more controllable variability for heterochromia. Finally, there would be the speckled eye color alleles. Like heterochromia, I propose two alleles for variability: "Dominant Specs" and "Recessive Specs". "Dominant Specs" would be the dominant eye color with recessive specs, and "Recessive Specs" would be the recessive eye color with dominant specs. So the dominance order would be Normal Eye Color > More Melanin > Less Melanin > Mixed Eye Color > Dominant Heterochromia > Recessive Heterochromia > Dominant Specs > Recessive Specs I might make concept art soon, so if you have any ideas for how you think these alleles should look in the genotype, lemme know! Here are posts that these alleles were inspired by:
  20. This is unlikely to happen as I believe that the distasteful appearance was added as a feature request. I believe that this was the post where the change suggestion originated, but I’m not completely sure:
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