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Weapon browsing, sorting



After playing around with the techtree and after creating some awesome weapons it dawned on me that the handling of the different weapons is quite a hassle.

It would be nice to be able to sort the weapons and group them in different ways (Tags?).

Adding a search or the ability to filter the list wont hurt either.

Thanks! :)

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I like this idea too. Something along similar lines - would be able to swap out *all* of a certain weapon with another one - instead of the two current options: 

  1. Individually and manually remove each weapon and place each new one (assigning controls on the 1st one and copy/pasting it multiple times)
  2. Going into the Weapon Editor and changing the weapon it currently is into something else - but losing the weapon you had. Though currently manageable with the # of weapons & mods, it DOES change the weapons on other drones that used the same weapon(s) - which can be tough to keep track of. 

Maybe organization of weapons - could also be paired with changing it to be able to see what other drones use that weapon currently and be able to decide if you want to edit it there, or branch off this weapon for this drone! 

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