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  1. Ill try the bee-hive challenge ^^ Ill tell ya how it turns out okay so I decided to have the stuff set up as 2 - 3 - 25 - 70 - 1 - 1 - 1 - 1 and I'm starting w two types of bees ^^
  2. maybe there would also be an exclusive event turn off?
  3. maybe there would also be a leg gene unlocked by getting a nichling with both the mandibles and the abdomen + 10 island moves? this gene would add another set of legs under the ' arms ' they would act like the nimble fingers and runners leg. possibly giving you 2 speed 1 stealth and 1 collecting. ? this would disable is the other leg gene is different, it would remove the 2 speed , 1 stealth and 1 collecting, replacing it with 1 speed and 1 stealth then have whatever abilities the other leg gene has +1 to each ability.
  4. maybe it would take every 10 days to change, about a fourth of the island? idk
  5. im a slitherclaw >:D don't know why though, I have too much empathy... anyways, maybe Gryffindor has to be by a bunnel spawn? or another idea is that slitherin must be in a swamp!
  6. i'm having it so my tribe thinks white is unappealing and they have recessive albino traits heh they also think that poison fangs look HOT also, your challenge looks really cool
  7. Maybe with the current beta, you could turn them off and on? then if you don't want them you don't have to have them
  8. when i'm in the creator the grey, recessive traits , when I use those it works as dominant? but only when i'm creating the nichelings}
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