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    i had a ranger bard named pigeon in a campaign with some friends on a forum i left they like dragons
  2. bob richard blood god susie
  3. my friend and i have a server so he was afk and i was waiting for him to get back on so i decided to prank him with a wood box and then he came back on so i started saying hi and stuff didnt respond, jumped out the opening in the box he started flying (we all have access to commands since it’s a small server with only 3 people) i got confused and started dismantling the wood box he hit me i hit him back and said stop then he went outside the base and started spamming t and keysmashing at that point i suspected he was not my friend then later my friend came back on and read some signs i put down turns out that dude who spammed t was indeed his sibling
  4. “hello child” ”gimme ice cream” ”ok child” “yes gimme” swift: “i want ice cream too pensob”
  5. irl whitefoot’s reaction to a big floofy cat coming into her house would probably be something like: ”uh henlo? erm WINNIE, HUMAN HELP ME” lol
  6. SharrdWolf


    I’m not too familiar with dnd, sorry you could look stuff up tho?
  7. lmao its so weird having a sims version of a spayed cat have kittens
  8. so me and my friend were playing minecraft 

    he had one dog and i had a billion and he wanted another dog

    so we bred our dogs, hoping one would be his

    and then i tested whose dog it was by punching him.

    my dog started attacking his dog and the puppy, and they both just,, died

    my god i wish i wasn’t so stupid







  9. uhh is that lovey? (sorry about the icefoot thing, didnt realize there was another ice lmao)
  10. dang it iceskip stop lying in your bio >:((( how how HOW
  11. Blackswift: “but cockroaches yummy” Iceskip: “get out you peasant i much prefer fancy feast”
  12. off topic but what is that roach thing it’s cursed i love it
  13. yes (it is reddit, be warned)
  14. oh no i accidentally did ye but i wanted to do no cri
  15. the orange.. it looks harmless yet it is terrifying i swear its possesed it keeps poking me
  16. if it helps at all, even though i don’t know you that well, i can tell you’re epic < 3 i’ve gone through countless depressive episodes as well, i can understand (to the best of my ability) how you’re feeling right now. sometimes, when we feel like dissapointments or absolute idiots, it can be hard to listen to others saying that you’re not. sometimes, it can even feel cliche, almost? idk uigiugiyguy either way, I really hope you feel better :))
  17. credit: (i think??) https://norue-draws.tumblr.com credit: https://sunrayee.tumblr.com
  18. @people who keep saying silver is misunderstood sorry but i’m not sure how I’m misunderstanding silver?? i guess i mightve misunderstood if i read her reminder as a little funny but other than that i’m a little lost?
  19. am i wrong to sympathize with georgie in this situation? she (silver, does georgie use she/her still?) just seems to keep pushing and pushing and pushing at boundaries. example: recently, she vented on a public thread. am i a little annoyed at that? yes. but i’ve done it too and she’ll probably realize what she’s done wrong soon enough. then she vents a potentially triggering vent (w/o warnings) on a status update. i get very annoyed, and basically tell her to shut up, calm down, and get help. she responds, and then follows up with a (separate) post saying “some people here are a disgrace to me.” at this point i am straight up fuming. and then she guilt-trips pantry. you get what i’m saying? and i’m 99% sure others (including georgie) have had a longer history with her of this sort of behavior, and i can absolutely understand why georgie would blow up at silver making a questionable sounding reminder for fawn if this kinda stuff has happened multiple times. then again, almost everyone’s behavior on that thread was,, yeah. not great. i’m not trying to say georgie and others who yelled at silver did nothing wrong. at the same time, it’s beyond easy to imagine myself in their shoes.
  20. It usually contains a mix of bananas, lettuce, sweet potatoes, corn, green beans, apples, chicken meat and organs, and various supplements.
  21. She might be a common bright worm, they’re very long (with some reaching up to 4 hands) and are usually one neon color with pastel or grayscale eyes. The eggs will be fed “milk” (the parent’s partly digested food) for the first week of life, but after that their stomachs are developed enough to eat leaves. Lettuce or cabbage will do. At 4 weeks, they will be able to eat regular worm food. Unfortunately, not all the eggs will hatch. Only 15-3 eggs make it to hatching, as most of the eggs are infertile. Those eggs will eventually be eaten by the parent to make milk for the live nymphs.
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