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  1. hi does any one here play aj classic? im alacen123 on it
  2. hi!

    since im kinda new here can you tell me how to get reputaition and ranks?

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    2. GreenTheCrowFox


      ok, so go to your profile and click the thing in the corner of your profile that says 'Edit profile.' It should come up and you'll be able to change it from lurker

    3. lilly the niche

      lilly the niche

      also do you play animal jam classic? my user there is alacen123 ik this is off topic lol

    4. GreenTheCrowFox


      lol. I, too, play animal jam. You have to download it on you computer now. My user there is ecoa

  3. hi! so my niche is lilly though it does not say that lol she is shy and rlly cute roal reqested prisoner cub
  4. cool! I chose my fav niche I made her imma do a rp lol
  5. I rlly like your profile pic imma make a nich called lilly for my one
  6. awww ty! that's a super cute drawing by the way!
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