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    I said it before and I’ll say it again ranboo cat
  2. I might have to animate the song or write a Wattpad about it 👀
  3. Yes and he can turn it upside down and 360 degrees
  4. Pancrack


    Please take my cat her name is Punkin
  5. Pancrack


    just thought I should say this
  6. Also he’s blind because dream traded his eyes for Power but then the people rebelled and his face blew up,
  7. Name Wasteland Gender/Pronouns Any Looks greyish Yellow Sandwing, with dark eyes and has jagged scales and scars everywhere. Other TS: Hayloft
  8. Also Dream can make himself seem like someone, like he can make people look at him like he was Tubbo or someone else (like he can shift and make people think their friend had said something they hadn’t, idrk how to explain it also he can make people see things that aren’t there, like he can make bees appear to persuade Tubbo and make Tommy’s discs appear to persuade him)
  9. Quack boi: (Design wise: bloodied Lab coat, he has a needle in his arm for some reason, And Crazy eyes) he can bring people back from the dead but he went mad
  10. Glatt: He’s dead, but was reanimated by Quackity
  11. 3:48 to the end is the part of the song the au is based off of (also the song might be a little.. idk for older audiences, but it’s a good song and doesn’t have and cursing or any of that but it does reference questionable material)
  12. Thampk you can make art of the designs if u want 👀
  13. Toob: (Design wise: normal president Tubbo, horns and All) Dispite everything, it’s still him.
  14. Sam Nook: he exploded like a creeper he gone
  15. Skoppi and BadPieHalo (Design wise: They are just the egg now, they exist inside of the egg together) They are egg
  16. “red easiest one” “green hardest one” “blue hardest one” “green hardest one” “blue hardest one” “green hardest one” “blue hardest one” -jschlatt, 2021
  17. “I want To be double jointed”
  18. Sapitus n@Pitus: (Design wise: His Bandana is Down over his eyes Because his face went boom (he communicates in Morse code Lmfa0) His shirt is ripped at the neck and his face is VERY scarred) A Lonely, loner blind boi
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