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  1. and im changing my pfp ;-; I MUST BE RIDER FROM THE SPLATOON MANGAS
  2. also im changing my user so i was (at the time this was sent) RioLaizerTheClown
  3. Yeah. i havent been on all summer bc i use my laptop. it has a wider screen and i cant go on my own phone. My dad would be ticked off if he knew i was speaking to ppl i didnt know
  4. She started to look desperately for a water hole or anything with water by it.
  5. Wait if anyone watches harry potter who else cried when Cederic died and/or when cedric & Harry came back (sry for spoiling)
  6. Just finished whats on Disney + for TOH and I NEED MORE
  7. -casually eating lemons, like biting them off the peel-
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