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  1. ??????? wth I got this 10 minutes ago and I’m already only down to about 22 minutes???
  2. Gym. I hate gym class so much. we don’t even have a locker room and I have to run like halfway across my school from Spanish class so I’m already sore from running and I have gym right before lunch so when I go to lunch I’m all sweaty and tired and wanna go to sleep and feel like ima throw up if I eat
  3. 13, I finally don’t have to lie abt my age on most apps
  4. Yippie one day til birmth day
  6. It’s fine ^^ but yeah, I LOVE THE SILLIES THEYRE SO SILLY ANF GOOFY AND AHHHHH Especially the silly little fish guy, his name is Shāyú and he’s one of our newer alters :3
  7. Shdhdhdjdh the files are too big to all send together >:[
  8. This artdump will include art from my alters (once they figure how to work IbisPaintX) Most of these art pieces are of my alters, only ones that aren’t are the 4th and last one :]
  9. So yeah, just a silly homepage for me and my alters 😆 Y/n tries dark humor real??? [YBG stands for ‘Your boyfriend game’ and if you’ve never seen the game we don’t recommend looking it up, it is a horror visual novel and dating sim, where the player(Y/n) has a lot of disturbing things happen to them]
  10. Ima try to be more active but I’m currently trying to figure some mental things such as maybe having d.i.d or just being insane and having voices in my head 😆 but yeah all jokes aside, I’m going to ask my therapist for her opinion. But I am pretty sure I am apart of a system^^ I am currently making a few things for my alters and we have started a journal!! This is currently all we have!!
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