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Hiya! It’s your common splatoon fan! I apologize if this triggers anyone but I ship Goggles and Rider, Agent3xAgent4, and SevenxEight, as well as a few others! (My sweet gaybies ). I am a HUGE POTTERHEAD! I have braces and they’re painful- I’m on book 4 of HP and the 4th splatoon manga (but i skipped to 8&9 so now im going back-)!

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Oh may as well lyk some of my fav WTs!!

Everything is fine- Mike Birchall

High Class Homos- Momozerii


Castle Swimmer-Wendy Lian Martin

Danganronpa: 50/50- Keyzzzzz

The Knight and the Mage (Danganronpa fancomic)- chibigaia

Classroom Trial- ⓃⒾⒸⓄ


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