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free genes

Snowy Owl


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I'd absolutely love to have all genes unlocked from the start, I'm not particularly good at this game as it's intended to be played, so there are some genes that I've just never unlocked but I absolutely love them (Poison fangs ;-; )And to be able to have them from Adam and Eve would be so much more fun, because you could just hop into a hard island and made a mad dash to mutate to survive, or pick whatever island is your favorite and have a wide array of genetic variability among them without even having to travel around. 

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but what about gene bound achievements? shouldn't some if not all be unachievable if you play either with all genes unlocked of completely locked in sandbox mode?

it wound't be fair to those who worked so hard to get them, see others get them without having to work for them.

i'm not saying you haven't thought of it i'm just asking. 

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