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  1. Snowy Owl

    Derp Snouts Matter! Post your cutest derpies here!

    here is mine, he is the only creature i took a screenshot of
  2. Snowy Owl

    TUG O' WAR

  3. Snowy Owl

    Nimbatus Racing Update Give Away

    i'll try too, not that i ever won anything
  4. Snowy Owl

    Wanderer Invasion

    oh i turned the rogue male off, so no problem there
  5. Snowy Owl

    Wanderer Invasion

    if it is part of a challenge or whims, that's one thing but i don't want them always there, it happend twice now.
  6. Snowy Owl

    Wanderer Invasion

    Playing on the sandbox update. It happen twice on peaceful meadow, which is not so peaceful now. Did the amount of wanderers you get go up? because i right now have 6 at a time. I don't mind them, but 6 is too much. In total i had 7 but i invited one in the tribe, but with how much i have now i want to rip them all to pieces, so i took a break from playing until i calm down. And they all spawn around me, eating all the food, i don't want to turn them off, i just want less. How many did you get? i want to know, to see if it is just bad luck on my side
  7. not everything, but they do regrow and some may regrow "angry"
  8. they act a bit like smelly fruits, in the sense that you can lick them off. and for the rest i assume you receive damage when the day passes? didn't pass the day without licking yet. also the harmful ones appear red.
  9. oh there are harmful ones i encountered them.
  10. @Micha ok after some work i got my save back and had a child be a teen with the debuff, hope this helps output_log.txt i also now know more about game files than i ever did
  11. here i hope this is the one you need output_log.txt
  12. Snowy Owl

    Read this before posting!

    I hope this gets added, because with the defender bear hating violence you can’t even get rid if the rogue males, which makes them even more annoying
  13. reposted it here and deleted the other one my baby grew up to 2 gems but the baby debuff did not go away. Update: some seem to keep the debuff and others don't, strange Update again, she is an adult and still has the debuff @Philohere is the save file in case you need it Slot0.nichesave
  14. I have the same bug, Some of my nichelings stay a baby
  15. Snowy Owl

    Baby aging issue