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  1. Snowy Owl


    No problem it happens
  2. Snowy Owl


    something similar already exists
  3. Snowy Owl

    free genes

    i think that's only fair, so thank you.
  4. Snowy Owl

    free genes

    but what about gene bound achievements? shouldn't some if not all be unachievable if you play either with all genes unlocked of completely locked in sandbox mode? it wound't be fair to those who worked so hard to get them, see others get them without having to work for them. i'm not saying you haven't thought of it i'm just asking.
  5. Snowy Owl

    free genes

    @Philo will the albinism and Melanism traits be in the mutation menu? i just thought of that hence me asking now, because i would really love to start with an Albino or a melanistic creature.
  6. Snowy Owl

    Echolocation/ Ultrasonic gene

    found it here you go
  7. Snowy Owl

    Development WIP

    ok thanks for the reply.
  8. Snowy Owl

    Development WIP

    nice!!! also what is the max age you can set? and under age settings i see gene settings, can we have a peak? or is not done yet?
  9. Snowy Owl

    Starting off with a tribe

    another question, can we decide the age of the tribe members? like, having a parent and their child.
  10. Snowy Owl

    Set Starting Food

    @Philo what about nesting material? will we be able to decide that to? i just thought of that when i saw that it is going in game. it's fine either way, but it would make things easier.
  11. Snowy Owl

    Development WIP

    @Philo question: with the sandbox customisation of the age revealed. what happens if you make one of your creatures a wanderer. but both the wanderers and your nichelings have different age amounts, will they keep the age they had in the tribe? or will they get the one set for wanderers? it also works the other way around, what happens if you invite a wanderer? A. nothing, they keep the age, or B. will it change?
  12. Snowy Owl

    Rogue males

    whale island i'm calling rouge island, because i had 3 in a few day span. for a medium island it is a bit much. how about you guys? what is your opinion on the rouges of whale island? Edit: i had 14 while on the whale.
  13. Snowy Owl

    Development WIP

    please yes, make it separate because i don't want a rogue male to live longer, or any wanderer in general.
  14. Snowy Owl

    Development WIP

    sad, but as long as the console does not bug out the game i might use it. also the age thing is it only our nichelings or the wanderers to?