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Back to the Past?



So, i was playing my Honestly Very Hard Challenge. They got up to about day 75 before I exited to the main menu to check the settings of the challenge. When i come back to that same tribe, it's day 12, with everything how it was when it was day 12 (like my starter female is back from the dead). RIP tribe 😧

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8 hours ago, Philo said:

Oh no :/
Was a save file started with an older version?

Nope. I started a completely new savefile on Grass Adventure with custom settings. Now I'm scared to leave the game for the fear that I'll have the privilege to travel back in time. Definitely another reason that I'm not opening any of my older savefiles...

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4 hours ago, Renio2490 said:

Was there defender bears? Maybe they are working with the stinky fruit trees... It also could be the grassland termite hills...

Not any that they found. They aren't supposed to spawn on easy islands, anyways. There were Termite hills.

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5 hours ago, Philo said:

Could it be that your computer has very little disk space left?
Then that would explain why the game couldn't save.

As far as I can tell, there is a ton of space left. I could be looking as something else but it looks like I have 694 GB left. Which is more than two thirds of what this computer offers me.

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