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  1. Kitten

    roleplay discord... again

    why i must read
  2. Kitten

    roleplay discord... again

    can i have it
  3. Kitten

    Guild/ Nations/ Group Overwiew

    I need to take pictures of my cats and recreate them as nichelings, and then make a EVIL clan
  4. I've reposted the female voting since I forgot two creatures.
  5. That means nobody will be disqualified for this February Miss/Mister Niche. March will be whale island creatures (beaks, purr snouts, tail fin, scorpion tail, wing, etc.) spoilers!
  6. Technically that wasn't supposed to happen, I wasn't clear enough, though it seems many have done it I will keep it in I'll make sure to make a limited console rule, I've also replaced the female voting and made sure I put everybody in it, it helps to private message me if there is an issue so I'll see it quicker.
  7. Thank you for voting (I apologize for me forgetting the names and you guys shouldn't have to forfeit for my mistakes so I made sure I included everybody. It helps to private message me if there is an a issue as I'll be able to see it easily) Original Thread V Male Voting V @Renio2490 Your sweet baby elephant is in the competition now.
  8. Grandparents, or the parents of the creature can be consoled, but the creature being submitted cannot be directly consoled.
  9. Starters apply to the rules I will make it more clear next time!
  10. I apologize for the confusion I always seem to mess this stuff up!
  11. Thank you for voting! Original Thread V Female Voting V
  12. Kitten


    Like i'm sure he's done it a million times, that poor man must've gotten the short end of the stick. Russian roulette with hang gliders!