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  1. SIRENS AND MERMAIDS CHALLENGE. GENERAL RULES: Rule 1: Every fifty days there is a war between the two tribes for territory in the ocean, the winner gets it. The war will last 20 days. Rule 2: You must play on blind gene mode. Rule 3: Intertribe breeding is highly illegal and if you are **caught** it can result in exile. Rule 4: Mermaids have pink gems, and Sirens have blue gems. About the Mermaids: They are a peaceful group of nichelings who reside in the ocean spending most of their time collecting shells and seaweed. MERMAID RULES: Rule 1: The Mermaids are peaceful and generally only attack in self-defense. Rule 2: They may not go more than three tiles into the grasslands from the shore, though they can travel via rivers. Rule 3: They may have up to five males within their tribe and a maximum of twenty creatures total in their tribe. About the Sirens: They are an aggressive group of only females who reside on land and in the ocean hunting fish and prey. SIREN RULES: Rule 1: The Sirens are extremely aggressive and will attack any wanderer as they please, especially if they are within their territory. Rule 2: They may not go more than eight tiles into the grasslands from the shore, though they can travel via rivers. Rule 3: No males are prohibited within the tribe and any male children born within the tribe are to be exiled once they hit adulthood. They can only breed with wanderers. They may have a maximum of twenty creatures in their tribe.
  2. he can have scotia
  3. Oh, I haven't been on my forums much because I've been preoccupied by a bunch of stuff that probably shouldn't be taking up this much time tbh
  4. Heyyy! I haven't been on for awhile but I need the original niche gem color codes, if anybody could get them for me thank you! I accidentally lost them when I was adding new colors and I deleted all of them so whoops.
  5. I need to take pictures of my cats and recreate them as nichelings, and then make a EVIL clan
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